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Who Is Borna Coric Wife? Is He Married? His Girlfriend & Love Affairs

Borna Coric, an accomplished tennis player hailing from Croatia, achieved an impressive milestone in his early career when he attained the coveted No. 1 Junior ranking. Borna’s unwavering passion and commitment to the sport have propelled him to great success at a relatively young age.

However, in addition to his professional accomplishments, he has also garnered attention for his striking good looks, as acknowledged by his fans. His handsome appearance and charismatic personality have sparked curiosity among people about his romantic relationships. In fact, there has been constant buzz not only about Borna Coric’s girlfriend but also about his wife and marriage.

But is he even married at present? Let’s delve deeper into Coric’s current dating situation to satisfy your curiosity about his love life.

Who Is Borna Coric’s Wife?

Borna is not married thus, he does not have a wife. He is believed to be single and prioritizing his tennis career at the moment. However, it’s important to note that these speculations about his relationship status may not be entirely accurate, given his inclination to keep his personal life private.

The 26-year-old tennis prodigy is known for being discreet about his romantic involvements and has not made any public announcements or confirmations about being in a relationship. Furthermore, there is no record of Borna being engaged in the past.

Borna Coric Girlfriend: Is He Dating Donna Vekic?

There have indeed been speculations circulating about a potential romantic involvement between Coric and fellow Croatian tennis player and his alleged girlfriend Donna Vekic. These rumors gained momentum when Vekic was seen in Coric’s box during one of his matches against Rafael Nadal in Cincinnati. This public appearance together sparked speculation among fans and media outlets, suggesting that they might be romantically linked.

Furthermore, during the match, the cameras frequently focused on Donna, which further fueled the notion of a possible romantic connection between the two players. However, it is essential to approach such reports with caution, as neither Borna nor Donna has officially confirmed or addressed these dating rumors.

Borna wearing a white shirt and his alleged girlfriend Donna wearing a black dress
Borna is rumored to be dating Donna Vekic

Adding to the intrigue, Borna recently showed support for Donna’s interior fragrances company, which caught the attention of keen observers. In his promotion, Coric included a playful caption that hinted at a deeper connection between him and Vekic.

The caption jokingly mentioned how Vekic seems to follow him wherever he goes. He also brought up how he keeps encountering her candles everywhere. Coric also complimented the scent of the candles and praised their remarkable design.

Despite these suggestive signs and rumors, it is important to remember that the true nature of Borna and Donna’s relationship remains undisclosed. Both players have chosen not to publicly address their dating status, leaving fans and followers to speculate and draw their own conclusions.

Who Is Borna Vekic’s Rumored Girlfriend Donna?

Donna Vekic has made a name for herself in both the sporting and business worlds. In November 2019, she reached a career-high singles ranking of world No. 19, showcasing her exceptional skills on the tennis court. Throughout her career, she has secured four singles titles on the prestigious WTA Tour. She has also achieved success on the ITF Circuit, winning five singles titles and one doubles title.

Borna and Donna posing for a photo during a tennis match
Coric and Vekic during a tennis match (Source: Google)

Outside of her tennis career, Vekic has ventured into the business realm. In 2021, she launched a luxury home fragrance brand called DNNA. The brand offers beeswax candles and reed diffusers, catering to those who appreciate fine fragrances for their living spaces.

Additionally, what sets DNNA apart is its commitment to environmental conservation. Vekic announced that a portion of the sales revenue from DNNA would be donated towards bee conservation efforts in Croatia, her home country.

Borna’s Past Relationships

It appears that Coric has had at least one notable romantic relationship in the past. From early 2015 to late 2016, he was in a relationship with model Valentina Miletić.

Borna, who was in his late teens at the time, started dating Valentina, who was six years older than him. They were often seen together at games, and Miletić showed strong support for him. She even took to Instagram to express her support when she couldn’t attend his matches.

Borna and his ex-girlfriend Valentina
Borna with his former partner, Valentina (Source: Google)

However, in late 2016, hints from close friends suggested that the relationship had come to an end. Borna posted a collage of photos on Instagram, from which Valentina was noticeably absent. Plus, Miletić also deleted all the photos of them together from her Instagram account.

Moreover, around six months later, in 2017, Borna posted a photo on Instagram featuring his sister and her friend, Tea Lončar. He captioned the picture: “My two loves.” This sparked speculation that Borna might be dating again, this time with Tea Lončar. In 2017, Tea was a 22-year-old student at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

Borna with his sister and her friend
Borna with his sister, Bruna, and her friend, Tea (Source: Instagram)

Also, it’s important to note that these details are based on public observations and rumors. And neither Coric nor Lončar has made any official statements regarding their relationship status.

More About His Ex-Partner Valentina Miletić

Valentina, Borna’s ex-girlfriend, is known as a blogger, radio personality, and sports figure. She holds a degree in journalism, which has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her career as a blogger and radio personality.

One of Valentina’s notable achievements is her involvement in the sports world. With a passion for kickboxing, she has not only pursued the sport as a personal interest but has also gained recognition for her skills and dedication.

Additionally, she achieved the title of Queen of Dalmatia in 2011. It seems that Valentina has a diverse range of interests and accomplishments in various fields.


What is Borna’s marital status?

He has not married yet.

How many relationships has he had in the past?

Borna had at least 1 relationship in the past.

How many children does Coric have?

He does not have any children.

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