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Dana Cortez Husband, Love Life, And Relationships

You might know Dana Cortez from the popular national radio show, The Dana Cortez Show. The show is co-hosted by her partner, DJ Automatic, and the couple’s mutual best friend. Keeping their friend aside, fans have always admired the couple that Cortez and her partner make up. Now, we know the dynamics of their relationship over the radio, but what’s their relationship like in real life? To be more specific, how’s their love life? Are the radio hosts actually married?

Well, in this article, we will be exploring all the little details about Dana Cortez husband. So, let’s get right into it!

Who Is Dana Cortez Husband?

People who’ve been following The Dana Cortez Show since the very beginning will know that Dana is married to her co-host, DJ Automatic. In fact, the pair has been bonded in holy matrimony for over a decade now.

If you listen to their program, you’ll know for sure that the pair are meant to be in each other’s lives. Moreover, the radio host and her hubby seem to have a wonderful yet fun bond. They work together, and earn together, but, also find a way to shower each other with unconditional love.

the hosts from The Dana Cortez Show
Dana and DJ. the lovely couple

Now, that’s the type of love we all long to have. It is good to see the pair making the best out of the things they have. All the very best to them!

She and her Hubby Run The Radio Show, The Dana Cortez Show

As we have already mentioned multiple times, the pair host their very-own show on the radio. In addition to them, there is also a third party, aka, The Notorious Third Wheel who accompanies them in the program.

The trio of the radio program
The BEST trio!

The Dana Cortez Show is a national radio program. It is one of a kind as it is one of the first shows to be managed completely by a group of Latinas. After working vigorously for 3 years, their show made it to the national radio in August 2018.

Talking about what goes on in the program, the trio engages in many debates ranging from relationships, and dating life, to music and movies. In addition to this, their “Down in the DMs” piece was also highly appreciated by listeners as it exposed many infidelities. So far, the show has also welcomed a number of famous celebs like Saweetie, Post Malone, and Chance the Rapper.

With a greatly successful radio program, Cortez and her partner, DJ Automatic have set a very good example to the young listeners. In addition to being each other’s life partners, they’ve done a remarkable job building a career together as well.

How And When Did DJ Automatic Meet His Life Partner?

Although the pair seem to flaunt their love out in the open, they have kept many intimate details of their relationship to themselves. Hence, it is unknown how and when Dana came across her loving partner, DJ.

On the contrary, according to one of Automatic’s Facebook posts, the couple have been together for around 17 years. Perhaps, it is possible for them to have met during college. In that bargain, many also believe that their favorite radio-hosting duo might have come across each other online; the reality could be anything!

Therefore, regardless of what “might be”, we need to focus on how loving and happy Cortex and her partner look together today. We’re so glad it worked out for the best.

The Radio Host Couple Have Been Married For 14 Long Years

Similar to not knowing when exactly the husband-wife duo met, it is also hard for us to pinpoint the exact date of their marriage. However, we do know that as of 2023, the co-hosting soulmates will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.

It is good that Dana and DJ, as media personalities, want to keep their private affairs to themselves. Nonetheless, they’re happy with each other. In addition to being lovers, they are each other’s working buddies and best friends as well. Now, that’s the type of love everybody longs for.

Does Cortez have Children with her Partner?

Yes, Dana and DJ have already become parents! As a matter of fact, the co-hosts have a young daughter named Eva. Unfortunately, her parents have done everything in their power to keep their daughter’s information a secret. Hence, it is very hard to know when she was born, her age, and the relationship she has with her famous parents.


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On the contrary, you can find a few snapshots of Eva here and there if you stalk her dad’s Instagram long enough. As per his posts, sometime around 2021/22, she graduated 8th grade. Both mom and dad made an appearance at the ceremony and were proud to see their little girl grow into an intelligent young woman. Keeping work aside, Cortez and her partner seem to spend a lot of quality time with their baby girl.


Is Dana Cortez married to one of the co-hosts of her radio program?

Yes, Cortez is married to her co-host, DJ Automatic.

How long have she and her husband, DJ Automatic known each other?

She and her partner have been married for almost 14 years as of 2023.

Is it true that they are parents to a teen girl?

Yes, Dana and DJ have a young teen daughter named Eva.

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