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Danny Morel Wife, Age, Net Worth- His Full Bio

Danny Morel is a world-class business strategist who teaches you how to live a peaceful life full of healing. He has guided more than 3.5 billion human beings to the path of true self-discovery, thanks to his age and experience. Looking at who Danny is, we can say the spiritual guide has an amazingly supportive wife and a good net worth as well.

So, does Danny? Let’s get to know everything about his love life and wealth in the article below.

Who is Danny Morel’s Wife?

Danny does not currently have a spouse but is in a happy relationship with his amazing partner and fiancee Jen Landesberg. Jen is soon to be his wife too. His partner Jennifer or Jen is a well-known yoga instructor.

The couple first encountered each other on Instagram in May of 2019 and that encounter made Danny sure of Jen.

More on How Danny Won Jen’s Heart

According to reports, Danny shared with his audience that Jen’s energy as a yoga guru was so amazing that the businessman manifested every time to be with her soon. Her energy, her kindness, sweetness, everything made the man smitten.

Just imagine how good Jen had to be that her partner literally waited 3 years for her. Danny could not even date anyone else because his focus was locked on his current lovely partner. Finally, in a Yoga Class in San Diego after 3 long years, Danny met his girl physically.

Danny proposing his partner Jen
Danny proposed to Jen on April 11, 2023

The couple met, became friends, and learned more about each other before finally starting their romantic journey. And yes, Danny did not wait long and finally proposed to his future spouse Jen in April of 2023. The couple leaves no chance to appreciate each other and post each other on their socials.

Danny Morel’s Ex-Wife Claudia Lorena

Before Jen, Danny was married to his former wifey Claudia Lorena. The former flames tied their knot on October 22, 2005. However, things did not run in their favor and the couple divorced in 2018, realizing they could not live together anymore.

Their divorce is an example that not all divorces are bad and unhealthy. Danny himself in a Facebook post has clarified the fact that the businessman and his ex-life partner Claudia do not hate each other. Even after the divorce, they still love and have respect for each other.

Danny Morel with his ex wife
Danny and his ex-wife still share peace and love after the divorce

In a podcast of Danny named Love after Divorce, the ex-lovebirds get vulnerable and open up about their relationship and divorce. They talk about their journey and their path of healing and finding a new life after the separation.

Furthermore, the ex-couples priority is their three beautiful children and showing them how love and respect can last for a lifetime without being together.

Danny Has Three Children With His Former Partner Claudia

Although Morel’s marriage didn’t last long with Claudia, they are parents of three children, boys named Aaron, Isaiah, and Micah. Like any parent, both the exes are super close to their children.

Danny and his 3 sons
The three boys of Danny Morel

Further, Danny is soon going to be a dad again as his current fiancee Jen is in the pregnancy journey.

What is Danny Morel’s Age?

Morel’s age is somewhere around 40 as of 2023. While there is no exact year of his birth, reports suggest it to be on June 6 in the late 1970s. Every year on the occasion of his birthday, Morel requests people to wake up with a smile and start their day being grateful.

What is Danny Morel’s┬áNet Worth?

The famous Danny has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He owns Intero Real Estate Services, a company with annual sales of $1 billion. As a speaker, Morel guides people, conducts seminars, and also sells merchandise like yoga mats, tumblers, and journals.

Danny is a multi millionaire
Danny’s net worth has made him a multi-millionaire

Besides, the multi-faceted guy also has a podcast called The Danny Morel Show which does wonders in the iTunes chart.

Furthermore, there is no doubt about the fact that someone involved in the real estate business does not have a home for himself. He currently is in Texas where housing price starts from $290,000, so, Danny certainly has a home worth more than that.

His Bio in Detail

Danny was born to parents Latin American parents with his father being from the Dominican Republic and his mother from Ecuador. He spent his childhood in New York, his birthplace where the business strategist grew up admiring the big buildings.

Unfortunately, Morel’s parents divorced at 13 and then started to live with his mother and two brothers in California. This was the time when he realized he had to take the family responsibility as their living condition was extremely poor and full of hardships.

With the dream of changing his family’s situation, he took on the journey of self-discovery and bought his mother and brothers a nice home at the age of 21. Sadly in 2016, his mother passed away which made him question nature and god, not just that he hit rock bottom.

Eventually, he came out of the darkness and opened his heart to block everything that did not bring peace. Soon Danny learned to heal himself and started teaching others how to heal from traumas, breakups, and heartbreaks.

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