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Who Is Dess Dior Boyfriend? Her Love Affairs & Relationships

Dess Dior, a rising star in the American rap scene and a prominent figure on Instagram, has gained immense fame and attention primarily because of her past association with her boyfriend Future. Her ex-beau is a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter with a massive fan following.

Her relationship with the artist has propelled her name and popularity to new heights. Fans are particularly intrigued by the status of her romantic life, speculating whether she has reunited with her former partner or embarked on a new relationship with someone else.

To satisfy your curiosity, let’s delve further into the details.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dess seems to be single in the dating department now.
  • She is 24 years old as of 2023.
  • She does not have any children.

Who Is Dess Dior’s Boyfriend?

In a recent interview conducted by The Shade Room, Dior openly disclosed that the rapper doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. This revelation comes after her highly publicized breakup with fellow rapper Future, indicating that she is no longer romantically involved with him.

Dess is performing on stage
Dess performs onstage during the final night of the 2021 A3C conference and festival (Source: Getty Images)

Furthermore, it appears that Dess has redirected her energy and attention toward her rap career, placing an even greater emphasis on her musical endeavors following the end of her relationship with her ex-bae Future.

Dess’ Ex-Boyfriend Future And Their Failed Relationship

Following the highly publicized breakup between Future and his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey in 2020, Dess entered into a relationship with the renowned artist. Their relationship became evident to the public in November 2020 when they made their first joint appearance on Instagram.

Further, the couple’s smoldering romance sparked significant discussion among fans, particularly due to the timing of their union coinciding with Dior’s impending release of her debut studio album. This raised questions about the authenticity of their love and whether it was a calculated move for publicity.

Dess and Future pose for a photo mid dinner
Dess and her ex, Future attend a Dinner Celebrating Future at Mission + Market (Source: Getty Images)

Subsequently, the couple was frequently spotted together in public, further solidifying their connection. Both Dior and his lover Future exhibited no reservations in displaying their affection for each other. They openly shared posts on social media, showcasing their relationship, and regularly went out together.

Additionally, they engaged in various public activities as a couple. They went on a double date with Lil Uzi Vert and JT, endorsing each other’s music on their Instagram stories, and donning formal attire that fueled speculation about potential marriage plans. Moreover, Dees and her ex-bf even incorporated references to one another in their respective rap verses.

Her Ex-Bf Future Went Above And Beyond For Her

Throughout their time together, Future exhibited numerous thoughtful gestures not only toward his gf Dess but also towards her family.

Dess sitting on Future's lap
Future bought a diamond ring for her (Source: ThejasmineBRAND)

One notable example was when he presented her with a grand diamond ring for Valentine’s Day in 2021, symbolizing his affection and commitment to her. This lavish gift sparked widespread speculation and rumors about the possibility of their engagement. The timing of the gesture, occurring just a week after Valentine’s Day, added to the speculation surrounding their relationship status.

In addition to that, Future went above and beyond by acknowledging and appreciating Dior’s mother, as he also presented her with a birthday gift. These gestures demonstrated Future’s willingness to go the extra mile in showcasing his love and care for both his lover Dess and her family.

How Did They Breakup?

The reason for their breakup reportedly stems from Future’s alleged involvement with another woman. The alleged woman is said to be a former stripper turned massage therapist. Rumors circulated suggesting that Dess’s boyfriend Future impregnated this woman, which would mark his 13th child.

Dess and Future wearing sunglasses
Dess and her ex at Gunna’s silky spectacular ‘Playas Room’ birthday (Source: Wireimage)

Following the breakup, Dess took the step of unfollowing Future on social media, indicating a clear separation between them. Similarly, Future also deleted all the pictures featuring Dess from his social media accounts, further signifying the end of their romantic involvement.

Despite the breakup, there seemed to be a level of amicability between the former flames Dess and Future. This was evidenced when Future showed support for Dior’s EP released in September 2022 by promoting it on his Instagram story. Their friendly interaction suggested that they could maintain a cordial relationship even after parting ways romantically.

How is their relationship now?

Despite going their separate ways, Dior still holds a sense of fondness for Future. In a recent interview with Angela Yee, she was asked about her current relationship with her ex. And she responded in a mature and respectful manner. She expressed that she wishes nothing but the best for her ex-lover Future and emphasized that they are good friends.

Dior and Future wearing matching jackets
Dior has a good relationship with Future even after their breakup (Source: Facebook)

According to Dess, they continue to support one another in their individual endeavors. She emphasized that their parting was not fueled by animosity, stating that it doesn’t always have to end in a negative manner. She also emphasized the importance of gracefully moving on from a relationship.

Furthermore, Dior stated that there is no reason for him to “do her wrong” and that they can maintain a cordial and respectful connection. Although the chances of a romantic reconciliation between Dess and Future seem unlikely, it is heartening to see that they can maintain a friendly and wholesome dynamic with one another.

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