You are currently viewing Eric Wareheim’s Wife & Their Secret Married Life Revealed!! Cheating Rumors

Eric Wareheim’s Wife & Their Secret Married Life Revealed!! Cheating Rumors

Eric Wareheim is one among those all-rounding group of actors, who is known as a comedian, writer, director, musician, and also, a winemaker. If we take a deeper look, fans have always been eager to learn about their beloved comedy actor’s personal life. To be more precise, the 47-year-old’s love life has always been a mystery to his fans.

So, in this article, we are planning to debunk everything that is to know about the Master of None actor’s not-so-famous romantic life. Here, we will be giving you a concrete answer to the greatest question about Eric Wareheim’s wife & his marital relationship. 

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Eric Wareheim’s Wife Madison Brobely Married For Years

Actor-cum-comedian, Eric is married to his wife, Madison Brobely. The pair tied in the knot and are happily living a beautiful relationship for years now.

Comedian, Eric Wareheim is married to his wife Madison
The lovely couple – Eric and Madison

Unfortunately, it is unknown how long they’ve been together. For a media personality like Eric, this is highly unlikely. However, for celebrities, it is very important to keep a few parts of their lives to themselves. Thus, it is understandable why Wareheim and his better half have never revealed the true colors of their marriage.

Despite this fact, we really hope that the duo is extremely happy with each other’s presence in their journey of life. In the years to come, we wish Eric and Madison nothing but the best.

How Did Eric Wareheim Meet His Wife Madison Brobely?

In addition to not knowing when the 47-year-old actor married his life partner, it is also uncertain when and how the pair met. Having had a small wedding some time back with only a few of the couple’s close family and friends invited to the gathering.

Both Eric and Madison seem highly protective of one another. With that being said, we do believe that they dated for some time before taking a huge step into marriage.

Wareheim as a happily married man
Always happy together!

Now, despite not making enough appearances in public, both Wareheim and his spouse do seem to share some pictures together on social media. Moreover, it was actually Brobely who first shared a cute snapshot of the pair together. And, to this date, they have not yet failed to dazzle us with their perfect relationship.

Going through Eric and Madison’s pictures together, they also seem to greatly complement each other!

Who Is Madison Brobely? Everything You Need To Know About The Celebrity Spouse

As per many sources, Madison is a freelance creative consultant as of 2019. So far, she has focused her freelancing journey on food, wine, and fashion. However, before this, Brobely used to work for Ten Speed Press in California as a creative consultant. There, she worked for over two years.

Actor, Eric's beautiful spouse poses for the camera
The stunning, Madison Brobely

In addition to this, Eric’s wife is also a self-employed fashion model. Her modeling journey began around 2009. Presently, she also works with TWO Management, a modeling agency based in LA.

Do Wareheim And Brobely Have Kids?

As far as we know, the pair do not have kids yet. So far, the lovely duo has not shared any pictures that merely hint at them having any babies of their own. According to our assumptions, the couple might be figuring things out in starting a family because it is a huge step to take in a relationship.

Eric's best friend Chloe Wise
Canadian artist, Chloe Wise

On the other hand, the pair do share a pet cat. Looking at its pictures all over Eric’s and Madison’s Instagram, we can point out that the pair love their pet like their own kid.

Was Eric Wareheim In A Relationship With Chloe Wise? 

The answer to the above-mentioned question is a hard “no”.

A few years back, a rumor broke out of Eric having a romantic relationship with the Canadian artist, Chloe Wise. This further led the fans to believe that their beloved comedian has married twice in his lifetime. Nonetheless, it was just a hoax. In fact, he and Chloe are very good friends that often pick on each other.

Eric's best friend Chloe Wise
Canadian artist, Chloe Wise

For instance, Wareheim has posted a picture of his good friend on his Instagram with a caption that suggests that he is “supporting his ex-wife”. However, in reality, they are the best of friends and never really had romantic feelings for one another.


How long has Eric Wareheim been married to his wife, Madison Brobely?

Due to their secret love life, it is unknown how long Wareheim has been married to his wife.

Who is Chloe Wise to Eric?

Canadian artist, Wise is Wareheim’s best friend and colleague.

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