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Who Is Erinn Cosby Husband? Her Love Life In Detail

Erinn Cosby is one of the daughters of the comedian Bill Cosby who is known to have an alarming relationship with her father. Apart from this, she has been a part of numerous controversies including drug abuse and an alleged relationship with boxing champion Mike Tyson.

While this has all been her past, what is her current relationship status? Did she get married? If yes, who is Erin Cosby’s husband? Besides, we will also explore the past and present relationships she has been in. Let’s get started.

Erinn Cosby’s Husband Is A Doctor

Getting straight to the point, Erin is married to her husband named Dr. Michale Cannaday, a general practitioner. The beautiful pair tied the knot in October 1998 and vowed to spend the rest of their life together. Celebrating the togetherness, they have been married for more than 24 years now and will soon hit the silver jubilee anniversary in 2023.

Erinn And Her Husband Michale Had A Private Wedding

Sources suggest that Erinn had a grand private wedding in her parent’s home in Philadelphia. The intimate betrothal was not a small one at all. The grand wedding ceremony was officiated by former UN Ambassador Andrew Young. At that time, Erin was just a college student while her groom already was practicing general medicine.

Erinn Cosby and her sisters in the day of Erinn's wedding
Errin Cosby’s sisters were the maid of honor for her wedding

Erinn had her amazing sisters Erika, Evin, and Ensa as the bridesmaid.

How Did Erinn Meet Her Man?

Erinn and her better half have done a wonderful job of keeping the past details about their love life sealed. For that reason, we cannot concretely claim that they were dating for some time before they tied the knot or that the marriage was an arranged one. But, they did know each other for four years. Maybe the love grew from strangers to directly being bride and groom.

Erinn and her husband Dr. Michael Cannaday on their wedding day
Erinn Cosby is married

However, as mentioned above, they are entering the 25th year of their marriage in 2023 and this is not an easy achievement for most of the couples out there. They have set an example of fighting anything together. Furthermore, the disturbing past of Erinn also does not look like a hindrance in the marriage of the amazing duo.

Erinn and Her Spouse Are Still Together.

The fact aforementioned also claims that they are living a happy life. Because Errin and her hubby have always been fans of living under the radar, any news of divorce or separation will take some good time to spread in the air.

Furthermore, negative speculations by some sources suggest they separated just four months after the marriage. Calm down, this is just a bluff as none of her family members have let this news out. Hence, we can safely stay with the fact that Erinn and her husband Michale are still married.

Short Bio About Dr. Cannaday

As we talked about before, Dr. Michael Cannaday was already associated with the medical industry even before becoming the son-in-law of the Cosby family.

While we do not know solidly about what he is currently up to, he surely got famous for marrying one of Bill Cosby’s daughter.

Does Erinn Cosby Have Children?

Erinn has already celebrated more than 20 years with her beloved. But any detail on her children seems to be unknown.

Erinn is now a full time photographer
Erinn is now a full-time photographer

Because the couple’s relationship is going so strong, we can positively assume that they do have children and are doing pretty well with their life.

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