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Who Is Georgie Farmer Girlfriend? His Worst Dating Experiences

Georgie Farmer, a British actor, experienced a sudden surge in popularity after the release of the Netflix series, Wednesday. His newfound fame has not only sparked curiosity about his career but has also piqued interest in his romantic life. Many young female fans are eager to know if Georgie has a girlfriend in real life.

Furthermore, since the show’s airing, fans have been expressing their support for a potential romantic relationship between Georgie Farmer and his co-star, Emma Myers.

Now, let’s delve into the inquiries surrounding his love life, past relationships, and any other relevant details to satiate the curiosity surrounding the actor’s personal affairs.

Who Is Georgie Farmer’s Girlfriend?

Georgie does not seem to have a girlfriend at present. He is currently single and seems to be prioritizing his career over dating.

Furthermore, this can be observed through his social media activity as well. Georgie’s posts on social media predominantly revolve around his professional life, showcasing his strong commitment and focus on his work rather than a committed romantic relationship in 2023.

Did Georgie Farmer Have Girlfriend In The Past?

Although Georgie has shared stories about his dating experiences, he has not specifically disclosed whether he has had a girlfriend in the past. Based on the fact that he has gone on dates, it is reasonable to assume that he may have had a few romantic relationships at some point.

Georgie and Emma eating bread and wine
Georgie and his co-star, Emma on the set of Wednesday (Source: Instagram)

However, the actor who plays Ajax on the show, Wednesday, has not revealed any names or details about his past romantic relationships thus far. It remains possible that he may discuss his romantic experiences in the future and provide more insight into his personal life.

He Has Had Some Worst Dating Experiences

Although Farmer is currently single, he has had a few past dating experiences, one of which he considers to be his worst. In an interview with Hollywire, Georgie discussed this particular date. When asked about his worst date, he mentioned that he has had a couple of them, but elaborated on one specific experience.

Georgie recounted going to the cinema with a girl. However, what made it a particularly bad date was the lack of communication between them. They did not talk to each other on their way to the theater, nor did they engage in conversation while watching the movie. After the film ended, they simply acknowledged that it was a good movie, exchanged a hug, and went their separate ways without ever speaking to each other again.

Her said,

I have had a couple of bad dates. I think my worst date was, I remember going to the the cinema with a girl and we didn’t really talk on the way to the movie theatre, we didn’t talk within the movie. And we came out and we just said “wow, that was a good movie” and then she was like yes and then we sort of hugged and then that was it and we never spoke to each other again.

The cast of Wednesday wearing their uniforms
The cast of Wednesday (Source: Instagram)

When the interviewer asked if their lack of communication continued due to Georgie’s growing fame, he responded by saying that he is unaware of the current status of the girl suggesting that they have not kept in touch.

It’s worth noting that while Georgie shared this anecdote about his dating experience, he has not revealed any information about his current dating life or whether he is actively seeking a romantic relationship.

Farmer’s On-screen Partner

Georgie is popularly known as Ajax from the show, Wednesday. Ajax Petropolus is a prominent character in the Netflix series and a student at Nevermore Academy. He is a gorgon and happens to be Enid Sinclair’s (played by Emma Myers) boyfriend in the show.

Georgie and Emma
Farmer and Myers at Paris (Source: Instagram)

Initially, Ajax and Enid were friends, but their relationship took a romantic turn as the series progressed. Georgie and Emma’s on-screen chemistry and the portrayal of their romance resonated with fans worldwide, leading to many people “shipping” them and hoping they would become a real-life couple. However, both of them made the decision not to pursue a romantic relationship and instead remain single and content.


How old is Georgie Farmer?

He is 21 years old as of 2023.

Is he dating Emma Myers?

He and Emma are not dating.

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