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Is Kellie Rasberry Married? Her Husband, Boyfriend & Her Relationships

Kellie Rasberry’s and her well-wishers are excited to know if she is married or has a boyfriend. Along with what is going on with her relationship now, people equally want to know more about her ex-husband.

The South Carolina-born and raised Angela Kellie Rasberry is an exciting individual. She found herself belonging to the radio while dreaming of being an actress. The famous radio celebrity who is currently celebrating her fantastic career on the radio is also making her place in the hearts of many people.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with the relationships of Kellie.

Key Takeaways

  • She is happily married to her husband.
  • She has one biological daughter and two step-children.
  • Kellie hosts a podcast along with her husband.
  • Rasberry was once in a marital relationship before.
  • She has a special Mac and Cheese recipe.
  • She is the co-host of Kidd Kradickk.
  • Kellie Rasberry is a Gracie Award Winner for Outstanding Co-Host in 2019.

Is Kellie Rasberry Married?

Yes, Kellie is happily married to her entrepreneur and her co-host husband Allen Evans. They exchanged vows on July 1st, 2017 at Stonebriar County Club Lake in Frisco, Texas.

The couple had an interesting start to their relationship; meeting each other through a dating app called Bumble.

After meeting on the dating app and knowing each other a strong connection was built. Soon, they took one step forward and started their romantic relationship. However, the exact date when they met and started dating is not available.

The couple, Kellie and Allen
Kellie Rasberry married Allen in 2017.

As they engaged each other in deep love, the love started to grow more, and a genuine connection formed. After dating and loving each other for a good amount of time they decided to take the big step and tie the knot.

Who is Kellie Rasberry Husband, Allen Evans?

Allen Evans is a businessman and podcast personality. He hosts “A Sandwich and Some Lovin,” with his wife and owns Oak’d BBQ, a renowned barbeque restaurant located in Dallas, Texas.

This podcast provides an inner glimpse into Allen and his wife’s life, sharing tales, stories, and insights into their relationship, their children, and their experiences.

Kellie celebrating Valentines day
Kellie and Allen are deeply in love.

Not only a successful businessman but also a passionate enthusiast of motorsports, living a life that many dreams of. Alongside his loving wife, he has built a beautiful family that brings joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Similarly, reports suggest he is the face and ambassador for different brands like Sea-Doo, Luminox, Ben Sherman, etc. Allen outside work is a big bike fanatic who frequently goes on tours. Not just that, he always makes time for his beautiful children and rescue dogs and also loves playing the guitar.

Kellie Rasberry Children

From her marriage with Allen, she is a proud mother of three step-children, two sons, Cole and Dylan, and a daughter, Brooke. She only has one biological child, a daughter Emma, from her relationship with her ex-husband.

Not only has Rasberry accepted her hubby’s kids as her own, but her partner Allen also has proudly accepted Emma Kelly and loves her as much as his own. A cute fact is that he calls Emma his bonus daughter. So, technically, they are blessed with four children.

Emma and Cole are in their teenage life while the other boys are growing up to be one soon. Besides, Cole, Dylan, and Emma frequently make appearances in their Instagram photos, but Brooke appears very less.

Who is Kellie’s Ex-Husband?

Before Allen, Kellie was the wife of Freddie Poole. Her ex-spouse, Freddie is a stuntman who has worked for a lot of action movies as a stunt double.

Coming back to their relationship, things got a bit messy. In 2006, when Kellie was six months pregnant with their only child, the duo divorced. The exact reason for their separation is unknown to the media but it did let Kellie find another partner.

The mother and daughter; Kellie and Emma
Emma with her mother Kellie

From what is visible, Kellie took custody of Emma who is now living with her loving stepfather.

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