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Is Kellie Rasberry Married? Who Is Her Husband? Her Boyfriend, & Relationships

Kid Nation host Kellie Rasberry has been married a handful of times in the past, but what about her current marital status? Kellie, who has been active in showbiz since she was 19, shares parts of her life through the mic and her social media. She is happily married and has a big family now.

So, naturally, her fans want to know more about her private life. If you are one of those people, you are looking at the right place. Here, we will be talking her marital life, husband, children, boyfriends, and relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Rasberry is from Mullins, South Carolina, USA
  • She is also an actress.
  • She has been married twice.
  • She and her current hubby share two dogs.

Did Kellie Rasberry Married? Details on her wedding

The Podcaster tied the knot with Allen Evans on July 1st, 2017 after announcing their engagement previously in February of the same year.

Radio Host Kellie with Husband infront of red telephone booth
Kellie Rasberry married Allen Evans in 2017. Source: Instagram

The happy couple had a beautiful wedding at Stonebriar Country Club of Texas where they were surrounded by their loved ones. Sources say that Allen even performed a magic show at the lovely ceremony.

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Everybody who attended Kellie and Allen’s meaningful day said that it was a fun and memorable wedding and we can see that via the pictures they shared from that day.

Who is Kellie Rasberry Husband Allen?

Allen Evans, the second and beloved spouse of Kellie, is from Dallas, Fort Worth. Like his wife, he is also in the entertainment industry. Along with that, he is also a marketing advisor, public speaker, consulter, PR advisor, and so on.

Kellie is his second wife and from his first partner, he shares three kids. So, in total the couple is parents to four children, including Rasberry’s only biological daughter, Emma.

The couple owns a company and does a podcast together

The married duo has founded a marketing company which they named ‘KandA Media‘. The name is derived from their name’s first letters, ‘K’ for Kellie and ‘A’ for Allen. The corporation specializes in Blogging, Corporate Endorsing, Podcast Recording, Marketing, Website Designs, and much more.

Likewise, they also host a podcast together. It is called  ‘A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ which airs on Apple TV. The show is a product of their love where they share about their marital life and details of their bond.

How did they meet? Their First date was at a Sushi restaurant

The gorgeous TV host met her boyfriend and future lover, Allen, through the dating app, Bumble and exchanged numbers with him. Then for their first date, they decided to meet at a restaurant called Densetsu at 7 pm.

Allen was in awe when he first saw his future spouse for the first time. They hugged right outside the restaurant. The date went smoothly as the love birds got comfortable quickly and started talking about the struggles of dating while being parents in their 40s.

Kellie and Husband Allen with drink in their hand
The lovely pair during their first date.

In addition to that, some fans recognized Kellie since she is a well-known face in Dallas one of the hosts of Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. One of the fans took their picture which happened to be the first photo of them together.

Besides, the lovebirds didn’t kiss on their first date, still, they had a great time together and continued seeing each other for a while. This ultimately led to a happy life for both, after having gone through failed marriages.

Kidd Nation host Rasberry divorced when she was pregnant

Kellie was previously married in the year 2003 to Freddie Poole after being engaged to each other for a few months. Freddie, who is an actor and stuntman, was already a father to two kids before marrying Rasberry.

Their togetherness lasted for around three years. Unfortunately, In 2006, the pair got divorced. Rasberry was pregnant with their first child Emma when the divorce was finalized. One can empathize with how hard it must have been for a pregnant woman to go through a separation at a time like that.

Additionally, the formerly betrothed partners have not revealed the reason behind their divorce while expecting a baby.

Rasberry said men are more likely to divorce women when they are pregnant

Rasberry likes to share about her past lovers in her show as she believes that it makes her feel less burdened. In one of the shows she also talked about how men are most likely to break up with their partners when they are with a baby.

Kidd Nation Podcaster with daughter Emma
Mother and daughter recently at Taylor Swift’s Concert. Source: Kellie’s Instagram

Besides, the former flames seem to be on favorable terms now. They are both in touch with each other because of their child.

Kellie Rasberry Children; She has one Daughter

From her dad Freddie’s Side

The only child of the Kidd Nation host, Emma was born on October 19th, 2006. She is currently 16 years old. The gorgeous lady is growing up pretty fast; she even got her license on May 2022.

Meanwhile, she has a good relationship with her half and step-siblings. Her biological father Freddie has two kids from a previous relationship, his firstborn is Westin Poole, 28,  and his secondborn is daughter Kamryn Poole, who is in her twenties.

Apart from them, the stunt double also has a child with his current wife, Dana. Despite being a stepmother, Dana treats Emma like her own. Over the years the family has been on multiple trips and spent quality time together.

Kellie Rasberry ex-husband, his wife, and children
Freddie, Westin, Kamryn, Emma, and Danna in the 2017 photo. Source: @freddiepoole (Instagram)

One can say, the family of six is really close with each other.

From her Step-Dad Allen

As for her stepfather Allen, her mom’s current partner, he has three kids; Brooke, Cole, and Dylan. Cole is the elder son who is 15 and Dylan is the younger one who is 10 years old while Brooke is his only daughter. They don’t talk a lot about Brooke as much as others for unknown reasons.

Allen Evans with his kids Cole, Dylan and Emma
Allen, Cole, Dylan, and Emma. Source, Instagram (@Kellierasberry)

However, it is a fact that the three-step kids of TV personality Rasberry get along well with her only biological child Emma. They share a lot of pictures of them hanging out and having family bonding time through Instagram.

Kellie’s Step Daughter was in Stranger Things

Kellie’s ex-hubby Freddie’s eldest girl Kamryn works as a stunt double like her daddy. She has worked in the extremely famous Netflix show Stranger Things.

Freddie's daughter Kamryn
Kamryn and Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things S4 behind. Source: Source: Instagram

Kam was the stunt double of the show’s main character ‘Eleven’ played by Millie Bobby Brown. She has shared pictures of her from the set with the actress and they appear to be good friends.

Kellie Rasberry Boyfriends and Relationships

Kellie talks about her dating life and past experiences in her shows. She has dated multiple men in the past but she keeps the detailed information to herself for secrecy concerns.

The only time she has been public with her relationships is with her current and ex-spouse.

Do Allen and Kellie have children together?

No, they do not have any biological children of their own. But that doesn’t mean their life is devoid of kids, they co-parent their four kids. In addition, they have two adorable pet dogs; Larry and Zoey.

Larry and Zoe of Evans Family
Zoey and Larry (pets) with Dylan and Cole

The family loves those pups and treats them like their own babies. Not just that but there is a separate Instagram account run by Kellie and Evans for Zoey and Larry where they post pictures of their pooches.


Did Kellie Rasberry get married?

Yes, she tied the knot in 2017.

How long has Kellie been married?

She and her partner are married for 6 years.

How many children does Kellie Rasberry have?

She has only one child, a daughter Emma.

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