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Is Merritt Wever Married? Her Boyfriend, & Gay Rumors

Merritt Wever is a talented American actress who is popular for her roles in shows like Nurse Jackie, Godless, and Unbelievable. On the contrary, her personal life has been private for all these years. Thus, there have been numerous inquiries regarding Merrit’s boyfriend and marriage. So, is Wever married to anyone?

Likewise, there have been rumors of Wever being a part of the LGBTQ community. So, is the actress gay or dating a girlfriend? In this article, we will walk you through these questions.

Is Merritt Wever Married?

Wever is not married as of now nor has she shared any details regarding her love life. The talks about her betrothal, however, appear to be baseless tales. The love life of the actress has always been confidential. There are lots of assumptions and interests from her fans about her affairs but none have been confirmed.

Godless Actress Merritt Wever
‘Godless’ Actress Merritt at Critics’ Choice Award.

At the beginning of May 2023, Wever was rumored to be seen wearing an engagement ring. Soon after, many even concluded her secretly tying the knot with her secretive husband. Nevertheless, this news turned out to be a rumor as Wever didn’t address it publicly. Also, there is no evidence supporting these rumors.

With that, Merritt hasn’t spilled the beans about her possible partner or if the actress is indeed in a relationship.

Who is Merritt Wever’s Boyfriend?

As mentioned earlier, Merritt hasn’t been open about any of her boyfriends so far. But, as a woman who has entered her 40s, it is natural to assume that she has been involved with some men in the past. However, many suggest, the Godless star is single at present.

Is Merritt Gay? Rumors About Her Girlfriend

Up until now, Wever has not addressed questions about her sexuality, so we don’t know for sure if the actress is gay or straight. The Manhattan native once starred in a hit movie ‘The Walking Dead’ as Denise Cloyd, who was confirmed to be a gay character.

Further, Merritt also played the role of the debatable LGBTQ character Mary Agnes McNue in the Netflix show ‘Godless’. This brings a spark of curiosity among viewers if the actress is bisexual.

In spite of all the queries, Wever has chosen not to speak on this subject so we take up that the 42 years old is straight.

Is Wever Dating Elisabeth Moss?

To be precise, Wever is not dating her rumored partner, Moss. The rumors about their dating started when Merritt was asked to talk to actress Elisabeth Moss about Moss’ then-latest movie ‘Shirley’ for Interview magazine in June 2020. Their conversation quite stirred some drama as both actresses seemed to be getting along well in the discussion.

Their most talked about verbal exchange was Merritt saying that she finds herself ‘craving more’ but she doesn’t know what exactly she wants more to which Moss replied by mentioning her emerging career might have overwhelmed her with wanting to have more control over the responsibilities. Then again since it was an Interview Magazine where the pair can ask each other, Elisabeth Moss asked Merritt if she was someone who can ‘watch herself.’

Fans sure did like this mellow interaction. Some may refer to it as an ‘intense conversing’. Now, it brings everyone to ask “Are they really dating?” “Are they just flirting? What is going on between them?”

Wever Geek Out on “Camera Stuff” for Interview Magazine
Elisabeth Moss’ photo for Interview Magazine

To break it down to you, their interaction with the magazine was modest and they were only talking about each other’s projects. Hence, they have not admitted to having romantic relationships with one another or even mentioned anything about the particular topic.

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