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Josephine Riddick Hendrick – The Daughter of Late Ricky Hendrick

Josephine Riddick Hendrick is the daughter of the late Ricky Hendrick, a prominent American stock car racing driver. Josephine holds a significant position in the spotlight due to her lineage. She was named after her father in a touching tribute to him which signifies a strong connection and a lasting remembrance. Even prior to her birth, Josephine was propelled into the realm of celebrity.

As an individual born into a family with a notable racing background, Hendrick’s personal life has become a subject of intrigue for many. People are curious to uncover the dynamics she shares with her family and explore the depths of her relationships.

Find out about Josephine’s personal life in detail in this article!

Here is a summary of Josephine:

Date of birth June 29, 2005
Age 18
Place of birth United States
Parents Emily Maynard Johnson(mother) and Ricky Hendrick(father)
Siblings Magnolia Belle Johnson, Gatlin Johnson, Jennings Tyley Johnson, Gibson Kyle Johnson, and Jones West Johnson

Josephine Hendrick’s Early Life

Hendrick, widely recognized by her stage name Ricki Hendrick was born on June 29, 2005, in the United States. At present, she is a youthful 18 years old, radiating a charming and amiable disposition.

Josephine, with her mom, when she was in 7th grade
Josephine, when she was in 7th grade

She holds American nationality and her ethnic background indicates she belongs to the Caucasian race, and her religious beliefs align with Christianity. Despite her young age, Ricki Hendrick’s persona is described as sweet and lovely, suggesting an endearing and affable nature.

Who Are Her Parents?

Josephine’s mother is Emily Maynard Johnson, who gained recognition as a participant on the reality TV show “The Bachelorette.” Her father is Ricky Hendrick who was involved in the world of stock car racing.

Moreover, her grandparents are Rick and Linda Hendrick. Rick and Linda are not only Josephine’s grandparents but also notable figures in motorsports. Rick Hendrick is a successful businessman and the owner of Hendrick Motorsports, a prominent NASCAR team. This connection to the racing industry adds a significant dimension to Josephine’s family heritage.

Hendrik is posing with her mom, Emily
Hendrik posing with her mom after she got her driving license ( Source: Instagram)

Tragically, Josephine has experienced the loss of her father and her grandparents due to airplane accidents. In a devastating turn of events, her father Ricky Hendrick passed away in a plane crash. Similarly, her grandparents, Rick and Linda Hendrick, died in an aircraft disaster in October 2011.

She Has Five Half-siblings

Josephine has five half-siblings who are a part of her blended family. Hendrick shares a close bond with her half-siblings from her mother’s current marriage.

Among her half-siblings are Magnolia Belle Johnson, Gatlin Johnson, Jennings Tyley Johnson, and Gibson Kyle Johnson. Her sister Magnolia and Gatlin were born on November 12, 2016. Likewise, Jennings Tyley was born on July 16, 2015, and Gibson Kyle was on October 17, 2020.

Josephine and her siblings
Josephine and her siblings during the Covid-19 lockdown

Recently, Josephine’s family welcomed another addition, Jones West Johnson, her half-brother. He was born to her mother and stepfather, further expanding their blended family. Plus, it is worth mentioning that Jones West Johnson was born with Down syndrome, a genetic condition that requires specialized care and support.

Despite the age differences between Josephine and her half-siblings, they share a close relationship. Being the older sibling, Josephine likely takes on a nurturing role and may provide guidance and support to her younger siblings as they grow up together.

Josephine’s Father Died In A Plane Crash

Josephine Riddick’s father, Ricky Hendrick, tragically met with a fatal plane accident on October 24, 2004, in Martinsville, Virginia. The incident claimed the lives of Ricky and nine others due to a pilot error that occurred in heavy fog. Just five days after her fiancé’s untimely demise, Josephine’s mother, Emily Maynard, discovered that she was pregnant with Josephine, adding an emotional layer to the tragedy.

Ricky Hendrick before his plane crash
Josephine’s father, Ricky Hendrick

Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick were engaged at the time of his passing. According to ABC News, Maynard had encountered Ricky, a NASCAR driver, a year after she had attempted suicide at the age of 15. The couple had been dating for three years before getting engaged.

Despite the immense sorrow, the birth of Josephine became a symbol of hope for Emily. She described her daughter’s arrival as a “light at the end of the tunnel” and viewed it as a way of having a part of Ricky with her. Following the tragic loss, Emily Maynard took on the responsibility of raising Josephine as a single mother.

What Happened To Her Mother After Her Father’s Death?

At the time of Ricky’s death, Josephine’s mother, Emily, used to reside in Mooresville, North Carolina and later relocated to Lake Norman. The years following the tragedy were undoubtedly challenging for Emily and Josephine as they navigated life without Ricky’s presence.

Josephine with her family
Hendrick with her mom, stepdad, and half-siblings (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Emily’s life took a devastating turn when Ricky passed away in the same year the couple was planning to marry. Reflecting on her grief, Maynard expressed, “For days after the crash, I wish I’d died, too.”

In her pursuit of finding love and happiness, her mother appeared on reality TV shows to explore potential connections. Eventually, she crossed paths with Tyler Johnson, whom she eventually married on June 7, 2014, marking a new chapter in her life.

Is Hendrick Dating Anyone?

As of now, Josephine has not disclosed much information about her personal life, including her current relationship status. Therefore, it is unclear whether she is dating or not.

It is possible that she has chosen to prioritize her studies and personal growth, opting to focus on her academic pursuits rather than entering into a romantic relationship.

Her Net Worth

Currently, Josephine Riddick Hendrick is not actively involved in any professional pursuits. Instead, she has directed her focus toward furthering her education. It appears that she is prioritizing her academic development rather than pursuing a specific career at this time. As a result, Josephine enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, supported by her family’s wealth.

In contrast, her mother, Emily Maynard, has gained recognition as a reality television personality. As of 2023, Emily Maynard’s estimated net worth is reported to be $5 million. This net worth reflects her success and earnings from her appearances on reality TV shows and other ventures.

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