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Truth About Karin Jinsui Boyfriend In 2023: Her Children & Wedding Plans

American virtual entertainment personality Karin Jinsui allegedly dated her boyfriend Key Glock. However, for a long time, she has avoided media questions when it comes to her relationship status in 2023. Besides, her marriage and wedding plans are another subject that is attracting media attention.

If you are curious about Karin Jinsui’s boyfriend in 2023, continue reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • Karin is 28 years old as of 2023.
  • She is reportedly in a relationship with Key Glock.
  • She has been in numerous relationships in the past.
  • The influencer does not seem to have any wedding plans at the moment.

Who is Karin Jinsui’s Boyfriend?

American internet personality Karin is rumored to be dating an American rapper Key Glock. Jinsui shared a photo on her Instagram story showing her alleged boyfriend Glock’s tattooed arms embracing her neck, which sparked immediate speculation about a romantic relationship between them.


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Interestingly, this is not the first time that people have speculated about their romance. Back in February, the pair posted pictures from their time in Aspen, Colorado, where they coincidentally had a similar background and were seen wearing matching Christian Dior outfits. This further fueled rumors and added to the ongoing speculation about their relationship.

Karin’s Alleged Boyfriend Has Mental Health Issues

Through her Instagram Stories, Karin dropped hints suggesting that her boy is facing mental health challenges but is unwilling to seek assistance.

Karin Jinsui Post Instagram Story Indicating Her Boyfriends Mental Health Issue
Karin Jinsui Post Instagram Story Indicating Her Boyfriend’s Mental Health Issue   Source: Shaderoom

In a post, she expressed her inability to rescue someone who does not desire to be saved. Karin emphasized that individuals must have the willingness to pursue personal growth and put in the necessary effort to reach a state of inner peace. She further commented on the reluctance of some individuals, despite having material wealth, to invest in therapy.

Jinsui and boyfriend Key Glock
Key Glock is going through mental health problems (Source: Theshaderoom)

Further, Karin continued her rant, highlighting how some people perceive attempts to help them grow and teach them as personal attacks. She acknowledged that she does not have the role of raising a boy into a man. And if someone chooses to live in an immature and stagnant manner, she allows them to do so but not in her presence, as it would enable such behavior.

In addition to that, Jinsui clarified that her intention behind the post was not to criticize or belittle anyone. She emphasized that she was sharing authentic and honest thoughts, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues.

Are Karin And Kelly Planning a Wedding?

As of 2023, the alleged girlfriend and boyfriend do not seem to have plans to get married. Going by all the rumors in the media, the couple might just be in a relationship for a while before they decide on to walk down the aisle.

Her Past Relationships

Karin has been known to have had several previous relationships. According to available information, she has been romantically involved with individuals such as Ferrari, Future, Izzy, and Dave East.

However, it’s important to note that the nature and duration of these relationships may vary, as details about personal relationships are often subject to privacy and may not be extensively documented.

Karin Jinsui Had A Daughter With Her Ex-boyfriend

It is claimed that Jinsui had a child, a daughter named Kailani with Dave East, who she was having an affair with while dating her former partner, Izzy. Tragically, it is said that Kailani has passed away.

Karin's late child Kailani is smiling
Karin’s late daughter, Kailani (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, there are reports suggesting that Karin and Izzy’s bond was described as toxic. In an interview, Jinsui opened up about the abusive nature of their relationship. It is alleged that when Jinsui became pregnant with her daughter, Izzy started cheating on her regularly. Their relationship lasted for a period of four years. When Jinsui confronted Izzy about her pregnancy, the situation turned violent.

Faced with the escalating violence, Jinsui contemplated leaving the house with her daughter. However, Izzy prevented her from doing so by subjecting her to further physical abuse. Disturbingly, it is claimed that Izzy not only assaulted Jinsui but also threw their daughter over a staircase railing. Tragically, it is reported that Kailani did not survive this horrific incident.


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