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Koe Wetzel Wife, Girlfriend, & His Relationships

Koe Wetzel is a renowned artist from Texas who has released several successful music albums and singles over the years. The professional life of Wetzel has certainly influenced his fans and they are curious about his intimate life. He was once in an on-and-off relationship with his ex-partner for several years. But, what is his current relationship status; whether Koe’s married to a wife or dating a girlfriend?

In this article, we will walk you through the relationships of the singer.

Key Takeaways

  • Wetzel is an American Musician.
  • He has a long history with his ex-partner Bailey Fisher.

Who is Koe Wetzel’s Wife?

The songwriter isn’t married now nor has shown any gesture to his future wedding plans. The artist might be in search of someone suitable for him to wed.

On the other hand, looking at his burgeoning music career, Wetzel also appears to be more focused on his profession rather than being involved in any kind of relationship.

Koe Wetzel in a dashing outfit.
Koe’s photo from his own Instagram.

So, does it also apply to his dating life or the singer-songwriter is in a relationship with someone?

Koe Wetzel’s Girlfriend and Dating Life

Similar to his marriage, Wetzel has also been silent about his girlfriend. As per sources, the artist is single right now. He has an outspread fanbase and some of his lady fans might be happy to hear the news that the singer does not have a girlfriend currently. But, it might make his other loved ones a bit down as Wetzel is not dating anybody even entering his 30s.

Regardless, Koe is making favorable music for his fans up till now and they seem to be satisfied with it despite all the concerns about his romantic life.

Koe’s Ex-Girlfriend Baily Fisher and Their On-and-Off Romance

The country music artist has been very open about his love life in the past with ex-lover Bailey Fisher. She is the only girlfriend of his that he has openly been together with. Although neither of the parties has yet confirmed anything about their initial love life, they reportedly met in their late teens to early twenties.

In fact, they started dating in 2014, which was even before Wetzel rose to fame. His ex-partner Baily was the one to post their pic together on Instagram when they became exclusive and they were very open about their relationship. In April of the year, Fisher came up with their first post with the caption,

“Only picture from Larry Joe 2014.”

Koe and his former gf Gaily Fisher are together
Koe along with his ex-partner Fisher.

Things seemed to have worked out well for them at the beginning but things escalated soon.

Their On-and-Off Relationship Lasted a Decade

In 2015, Wetzel released a song ‘Never Leave‘ where he mentioned his girlfriend having “two boyfriends” in between the lyrics. He hasn’t clarified if it is about the same ex we know of or not.

Again, between 2016-2019, the ex-couple may have split up since Fisher was not posting any pictures with her boyfriend Wetzel on her Instagram. In October 2016, further fueling their break-up rumors, Koe tweeted that he “tried to have a girlfriend today, it didn’t work out.” It all meant that he was indeed single at the time.

But, later in 2019, there was a Christmas post from Fisher on her Instagram like they never really had broken up. In the picture, they both looked super happy as there weren’t any grudges between the two.


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A post shared by Bailey Fisher (@baileyfshr)

Bailey kept posting pictures with her beau Koe until 2021. But the pair yet again called it off around the second half of the same year as the posts stopped coming from Wetzel’s ex-girlfriend Fisher’s Insta.

Before things turned south, the couple dated for nearly a decade. They had been in an on-and-off relationship throughout those years but there is no confirmed source about what precisely went down between the two.

Even after their split, Bailey has yet to delete her former beau’s photo from her Instagram while Koe has removed every picture he posted with his gf on his social media handles.

His Ex-Partner Bailey Is Customer Success Manager

Fisher is currently a Customer Success Manager by profession. Born and raised in Texas, the Tarleton State University graduate now works for UpFluence. She previously was part of a few other companies like Kforce and Upland Software.

Wetzel’s Relationship With His Mother and How She Felt About His Ex-Partner

Needless to say, the musician loves and adores his mother Julie Wetzel dearly as he often posts about her on social media. Back in mid-May 2023, the artist uploaded an adorable photo with his mom and wrote,

“Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas out there, but especially to this one!.”

He also wrote that his mother is his “number one fan and showing nothing but support in everything I’ve ever done.”

He ended the caption by writing, “Me and the girls are lucky to call you mama, love ya Julie mama!”

Wetzel and his mother
Wetzel and his momma’s photo on International Mother’s Day

Besides, it also appears that Koe’s mother is supportive of his son and his ex-lover Fisher. When he was with Bailey, his mother was enthusiastic about their affair and had a great bond with Fisher too. They would comment on each other’s Instagram posts. Here is the one;

Julie Wetzel’s comment on a picture posted by Fisher

Further, Bailey even made a birthday post for his former bae Koe’s mother Julie.


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A post shared by Bailey Fisher (@baileyfshr)

So, it is easy to say that they got along well undoubtedly well. Despite the couple splitting up, Julie and Bailey still follow each other on Instagram so maybe there is hope for the pair after all.

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