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Who is Lauren Chen Husband? Her Married Life, Dating History, & More

The political YouTuber, Lauren Chen is living a well-appreciated celebrity life along with her husband Liam Donovan. The couple has been married for a couple of years now. Like many celebrities, both of them have also kept their love life a bit secret.

So, in the following article, we will find every minor and major query about her matrimonial life as well as her hubby’s profession.

Key Takeaways

  • Chen is a happily married woman.
  • She is a mother of a daughter with her spouse.
  • Her views on how a relationship should be is very interesting and fun.

Who is Lauren Chen’s Husband?

Chen’s hubby is Liam Donovan. He is an amazing spouse who works together with Lauren to run his wife’s show and produces content for her. Donovan is a producer who has worked on a couple of projects like Mediaholic and Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen.

Lauren Chen hubby Liam Donovan

Further, Lauren’s spouse worked as a producer for a couple of episodes of Mediaholic and produced over 38 episodes of the latter one.

Her Married Life With Liam

As mentioned, Chen and her life partner Donovan have been in a blissful marital relationship for a few years now. Both the husband and wife don’t seem to have any limitations in showing their utmost love and respect for each other in public.

Although some reported the two exchanged their vows after their engagement in 2017, the exact date of their wedding is yet to be revealed.

They Met at a Pub; Their Engagement

The couple met a year before they started dating through mutual friends at a pub. They both were taking it slow but had a clear idea about getting married.

Lauren and Liam
Chen is married to Liam Donovan

Lauren took to social media to share the news of her engagement in 2017. At the young age of 23, she excitedly announced her commitment to her fiancé, Liam. This joyful milestone marked the start of their journey toward a lifelong partnership.

More On Lauren and Liam’s Relationship

At the time of their engagement, Lauren had already established herself as a successful YouTube celebrity, earning a steady and good income from her platform. On the other hand, Liam, who was pursuing a medical education, contributed his support and talents to help run his wife Lauren’s show and produce content alongside her.

As rumors have it, it is believed that Lauren and Liam chose to tie the knot during their college years. They have since been living a comfortable matrimonial life together.

She frequently posts about her husband and puts cute and funny captions.

Liam and Lauren talking about their love life
Lauren and her current hubby snap from the YouTube video they talked about their relationship in.

In a Youtube video by Lauren, she funnily teased her partner Liam that when she tags him in memes he doesn’t respond and neither tags her in memes himself. She feels this is a love language he does not reciprocate. Awwww. On top of that, they both believe that the relationship should be 100% effort from both sides.

Lauren’s Take on Relationship

There is an article online that has a detailed take on what Lauren thinks of dating and romantic relationships. Judging from it, she seems someone who always has liked the idea of long-term. The article starts so interestingly, “Women, here’s a revolutionary idea: Date with a purpose. What purpose? Getting married.” 

She believes marriage brings three important things in life; protection, commitment, and love. The article also has other fascinating takes like being boyfriend and girlfriend is not bad, but being husband and wife is totally different.

In the bargain, she also believes that tying the knot is like being a citizen of a country while living together only means living in the country.

Additionally, her rule of thumb on marriage is “think about the kind of relationship you want as much as you think about what kind of career you want.” 

Dating History of Lauren Chen

Moving on, Chen, the daughter of a Canadian mother has always been a funny and loving girl from a very young age. To think about her dating life before settling down with Liam is not wrong at all. But, remember we talked about her take on relationships?

If she dated someone in her past, she probably would have tried her best to protect the relationship and not break up. For now, we can safely assume Liam is her one and only soul mate with whom she found her forever.

Lauren Has a Cute Daughter With Her Partner

Lauren and her husband Liam have an adorable baby daughter, Riley. She was born in 2022 and is an absolute princess of her parents. Riley grandly celebrated her first birthday in April of 2023.

Liam and Lauren celebrating their daughter's birthday
Riley celebrated her 1st birthday some weeks after her real birthday

Her parents have shared several other photos of their cute baby girl on their respective social media handles.

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