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Who Is Myron Golden Wife? Is He Even Married? His Girlfriend

Myron Golden is an American business consultant, diplomat, marketing strategist, and business mentor. He is also a motivational speaker and business adviser. Even after suffering from Polio as an infant, he didn’t let it set him back from achieving bigger things in life.

Due to his multiple skills, ability, and influence, the man of all seasons is rising to fame and gaining followers on SNS every day. Now they are eager to know about the life Golden has behind the mic. So, does Myron have a wife? Is the business consultant married or in a relationship?

You are going to get the answers in the article below.

Key Takeaways:

  • Golden has been married twice.
  • He has a daughter with his first spouse.
  • He contracted polio while young and has been walking with a metal brace.
  • Golden has written a best-selling book.

Who Is Myron Golden’s Wife?

Golden has been married twice. His first wife was Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. They tied the knot on August 1st, 1970, in a low-key wedding ceremony.

Myron Instagram post standing at a golf club
Golden posing for an Instagram photo in the sun
Source; his Instagram (@myrongolden)

However, the details about his first marriage are entirely out of the media. Regardless, they were in a loving marital relationship for several years before they divorced in the late 1970s.

His First Wife Died in 1978

Tragically, Gwendolyn passed away in November of 1978. The cause of death has not been revealed. It must have been hard to go through for him and their loved ones.

They also had a child together whom Myron had to raise on his own after his better half’s death.

Myron Became A Single Father

The former flames had a daughter named Malaika Solange Golden and after Gwendolyn’s passing, Golden raised his daughter alone. For a long time, the entrepreneur stayed single and brought her up all by himself.

It is safe to assume that one of the main reasons the diplomat was not engaged with anybody while his kid was growing up was so he can focus on her betterment. As he was raising her alone it must have helped cover up the fact that the mother of his child was missing.

During those years when Golden was not dating anybody and just looked after his daughter, he was preparing himself for his career too. Despite having limp feet and being alone without a woman, Myron still did his best fulfilling the needs of his daughter while also looking forward to his achievement of becoming a millionaire.

golden at motivational speech
Myron holding money as a reference in one of his speech

However, the whereabouts of his lovely daughter are lately off media.

Myron Golden’s Remarried To His Wife Chevaunne

After 15 years of staying unmarried, Myron met his second wife Chevaunne Ingrid Powell. They got along well as soon as they met. His little girl was not so little anymore by that time so he thought it was a good time to find love again.

Their marriage was held on 7th August 1993, making it the second wedding of Myron. The details of their relationship and how it started are confidential as it happened a long time ago and Golden likes to keep this part of his life private too.

Coming up to 2023, the adorable lovers have been married for two decades and they are still going strong. The happy pair will be celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary in coming August of this year (2023).

At present, Golden resides in Tampa, Florida with his spouse and grown daughter.

Did He Ever Have a Girlfriend?

In addition to his two marriages, there is no detail about whether or not Myron did have any girlfriends. As far as the online tabloids have reported, the motivational speaker never had a dating history besides his two wives.

How Myron Became a Millionaire?

At a very young age, Golden was diagnosed with Polio which is why he had to walk around with a brace on his leg. He did not let the illness and loss of his beloved wife get in the way of reaching where he is now. You would be surprised to know he has a black belt in karate.

He is a self-made person. His journey from being a polio patient and widowed man to a millionaire is truly remarkable. When he first started entrepreneurship, he was making very slow progress for a year but the key factor was that he never gave up.

He is one of the most famous marketing and business coaches right now. His influence is growing as the day goes by, it is very impressive because not everyone in their 70s is fulfilling their dream like him.

He is also an Author

Golden has written books about his journey and motivational words. According to sources, his book ‘From the Trash Man to the Cash Man’ has helped many people to turn their lives around. It was also the same book he published for the first time.

In addition to that, his other books are ‘B.O.S.S Moves’, ‘Make Lots of Money in MLM’, ‘Line Em Up and Sign Em Up’, ‘The Ebony Treasure Map’, and ‘The Magic of Compound Business Growth’.

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