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Parker Schnabel Parents: Roger Schnabel & Nancy Schnabel

Parker Schnabel, known for his gold mining expertise and his role in the reality TV series “Gold Rush,” comes from a notable family with interesting backgrounds and connections.

The Schnabel family members have developed a strong bond through their shared passion for gold mining. Their relationships and interactions have been showcased in the “Gold Rush” series, providing viewers with insights into their dynamics and the challenges they face together.

Here, you will be able to learn about Parker Schnabel’s parents Roger Schnabel & Nancy Schnabel. So, keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • Parker is the son of Roger Schnabel(father) and Nancy Schnabel(mother).
  • He has a brother named Payson Schnabel.
  • The television series “Gold Rush” prominently showcases the entire Schnabel family.

Parker Schnabel’s Parents & His Family Background

Parker hails from a diverse ethnic background, as his father Roger Schnabel, and his mother Nancy Schnabel have German ancestry. This indicates that Parker’s lineage encompasses a blend of cultural influences.

Within his family, his dad holds the position of a mine owner at the esteemed Big Nuggets, a prominent mining company. Parker’s mom encouraged him, inspiring him to pursue a similar path and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Parker and his grandfather sharing a laugh
Parker and his grandfather, John (Source: Insta)

Growing up, Parker was not the only child in his family. He shared his childhood with his brother, Payson Schnabel. This sibling dynamic likely played a significant role in shaping Parker’s experiences and relationships as he navigated through life.

Furthermore, Schnabel’s familial lineage extends to his grandparents, John Schnabel, and Erma Dire. His grandfather holds a notable legacy as the founder of Big Nuggets, the very gold mining company where Parker’s father is involved. This familial connection to the mining industry passed down through generations, indicates a deep-rooted heritage and a strong affiliation with the world of gold mining for Parker.

Roger Schnabel Bio

Roger Schnabel, an accomplished American entrepreneur, possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the specialized field of gold mining. Born on February 12, 1954, in Alaska, Roger is the son of John and Erma Dire Schnabel. Growing up in Alaska, alongside his two sisters Margaret and Mary, Roger spent a significant portion of his childhood in the company of his father.

With a career spanning several decades, Roger has dedicated himself to the gold mining industry, following in his father’s footsteps as a professional gold miner with his father.

Notably, when Parker assumed the role of boss, Roger was called upon to lend his expertise in constructing a road to unexplored terrain that Parker believed harbored promising gold deposits. Claiming to be a road-building expert, Roger has since been involved in supporting his son’s pursuit of gold.

Parker and his dad wearing construction vests
Schnabel and his father, Roger on the set of Gold Rush. (Source: Getty)

Additionally, he is a regular presence on the reality television show “Gold Rush”, where he showcases his skills and experiences. He has made appearances in related series such as Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Gold Rush: The Dirt, and Gold Rush: South America. Initially appearing as a recurring guest star in the show’s second season, Roger’s involvement in the Gold Rush franchise has provided viewers with a deeper understanding of the Schnabel family’s mining ventures.

In addition to his involvement in mining, Roger oversees another family business, Southeast Road Builders, further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and multifaceted capabilities.

His Mother, Nancy Schnabel

Parker’s mother, Nancy, plays a significant role within the Schnabel family and the Gold Rush franchise. Nancy, the daughter-in-law of the esteemed John Schnabel, is married to Roger. She is also the mother of two sons, Parker, and Payson Schnabel.

Although the show has limited her appearances, Nancy has made guest appearances in Season 2 of Gold Rush. Her involvement in the series has given viewers a glimpse into the Schnabel family dynamics and their collective pursuit of gold. While her contributions may be more behind the scenes, Nancy’s support and presence have undoubtedly played a role in shaping the Schnabel family’s mining endeavors.

Nancy eating grapes
Parker’s mother, Nancy (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, she is recognized for her appearances in various Gold Rush-related series. She was featured in Gold Rush, Gold Rush: South America, and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Through these shows, she has become known to audiences as an integral part of the Schnabel family’s mining ventures, further contributing to the narrative surrounding their gold mining exploits.

Parker’s Grandfather Is Also A Gold Miner 

John, born in Kansas in 1920, led a remarkable life filled with various experiences. Initially known as a bootlegger, Schnabel sought refuge in Alaska to evade authorities. Later on, he joined the Army Air Corps during World War II, serving as a soldier. In 1950, he married Erma Dire, and the couple went on to have five children together.

It wasn’t until later in life that Schnabel ventured into gold mining. Following a triple bypass surgery in 1986, he decided to take up gold mining as a means to stay active. This new endeavor allowed him to embrace a physically demanding and fulfilling occupation.

Parker Schnabel's Grandfather John
John Schnabel is seen mining gold. (Source: Google)

Furthermore, John became a notable figure in the Gold Rush reality TV series. He made recurring guest appearances since its first season. His grandsons, Parker, and Payson, were prominently featured on the show, and John’s presence added a valuable element to the family’s mining operations.

As he grew older and experienced health challenges, Parker took over the management of the family’s Big Nugget mine.  Parker then became responsible for its operations.

Sadly, John passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 96. His family reported that he fought cancer. He had previously overcome a health scare that created suspense and uncertainty in the Gold Rush series.

Moreover, the show paid tribute to John Schnabel’s legacy on Twitter, acknowledging his absence:

Schnabel Family’s Net Worth

Parker, as a member of the Schnabel family, has been fortunate to come from a wealthy and accomplished background. Parker himself is an American gold miner and reality television star, whose success has contributed to his estimated net worth of $8 million.

Payson, Parker’s brother, has established himself as a professional in the construction and mining industry. As of 2023, Payson has estimated his net worth to be $1 million, reflecting his own achievements and endeavors in the field.

Roger, Parker’s father, has amassed significant wealth throughout his career. With ownership of the company Big Nugget spanning several decades, Roger’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2021. The success and profits generated from Big Nugget have likely played a substantial role in Roger’s overall net worth.

Unfortunately, the specific fortune of Parker’s mother, Nancy, is unavailable at this time. While she has been involved in the Gold Rush series and is an integral part of the Schnabel family, information regarding her personal net worth has not been publicly disclosed.

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