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Rumors of Parker Schnabel Wife: Did He Get Married To His Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel, a gold miner and renowned reality TV personality, hails from Alaska and has garnered significant attention through his mining exploits. When it comes to digging for gold, Parker approaches it with utmost seriousness and determination.

Despite his presence in the public eye, many of his devoted fans remain unaware of the intricacies of his personal life. There have been constant inquiries if he has a wife. He reportedly dated his girlfriend Ashley Yule and he was even close to getting married to her. But as of 2023, what is Parker’s wedding plan?

Keep reading to find out more about his love life, marriage, & relationship.

Does Parker Schnabel Have A Wife?

As of now, Parker Schnabel is not married and does not have a wife. While he has been romantically involved with several partners in recent years, none of these relationships have progressed to the point of formalizing marriage.

Parker Schnabel and his ex-girlfriend Ashley looking at each other
Parker and Ashley on the set of ” Gold Rush” (Source: Discovery Channel)

Despite his involvement in various romantic endeavors, Parker has not yet found a wife material with whom he could enter into the lifelong commitment of marriage.

Moreover, it appears that Parker prioritizes his work and career. He dedicates a significant amount of time and energy to his mining operations and related ventures. This focus on his professional pursuits might limit the time and attention he can devote to dating and maintaining romantic relationships.

Rumors Had It That Parker Schnabel Had A Girlfriend

During the fourth season of the show “Parker’s Trail,” which aired in 2020, Roger Schnabel’s son Parker embarked on a gold-seeking adventure in Australia. Joining him on this journey was Tyler Mahoney, a gold miner, and model known for her appearances on Discovery’s Aussie Gold Hunters and Gold Rush: The Dirt.

Parker Schnabel & his rumored girlfriend Tyler sipping tea
There were rumors circulating about Parker and Tyler dating. (Source: Instagram)

Given their shared interests and the fact that Parker was single at the time, fans speculated about the possibility of a romantic connection between Parker and Tyler. Some fans even drew comparisons between Tyler and Parker’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle. However, reports indicate that no romantic relationship developed between the two during the filming of the show.

Tyler Speaks About Her Speculated Boyfriend

In fact, Tyler herself expressed frustration with fans speculating about her rumored romantic affair with Parker. During a Q&A session, she addressed the issue, stating that she and Parker have a good relationship and communicate regularly. She emphasized that, for now, they primarily engage in work-related interactions. And any potential future collaboration would have to consider the global pandemic happening at that time.

While Parker and Tyler share a companionship and professional rapport, it seems that their relationship is focused on their shared passion for gold mining rather than a romantic involvement.

Who Is Parker’s Alleged Girlfriend Tyler?

Tyler, a 24-year-old fourth-generation gold miner, comes from a family with a rich mining heritage spanning over a century in Australia. Her deep-rooted connection to the gold mining industry and her extensive knowledge of the country’s expansive goldfields make her an invaluable asset in Parker’s search for potential business opportunities.

Parker and Tyler wearing black t-shirts, poses together
Parker and Tyler are seen wearing matching t-shirts. (Source: Google)

Tyler’s expertise in navigating the Australian goldfields and her ability to interpret the land’s signs and signals play a vital role in their mining endeavors. Her skills and insights contribute significantly to their chances of success in uncovering valuable gold deposits.

Parker Schnabel Dating History

Parker was previously in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle, a Canadian TV personality, and model. Their relationship began in 2016 after they met when Ashley was working as a bartender in Alaska. The reality show “Gold Rush” documented the ups and downs of their relationship, which added an extra layer of scrutiny to their personal lives.

Parker and Ashley on the set of " Gold Rush"
Schnabel and Youle on the set of ” Gold Rush” (Source: Discovery Channel)

However, after two years together, Parker and Ashley decided to end their relationship in early 2018. The specific reasons behind their breakup remain unclear, but it appears to have been a mutual and amicable decision. Parker has expressed that he and Ashley remain, friends, even after their romantic relationship ended. In fact, he provided support to Ashley during a time of financial difficulty.

Additionally, in an interview with a publication, Parker opened up about the sacrifices he made for his successful gold mining career, including the loss of love. He acknowledged that his life has been primarily focused on work, and while he had a girlfriend for a couple of years, the relationship did not work out.

More About His Ex, Ashley

Ashley, originally from Australia, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talents as a veterinary doctor and actress. Her breakthrough came with her involvement in the popular television series “Gold Rush” during its seventh season. She portrayed the role of Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend.

Ashley driving a vehicle on the way to mine gold.
Ashley and Parker split after years of dating. (Source: Google)

Besides, beyond her on-screen appearances, people admire Ashley for her unwavering determination, relentless passion, and strong work ethic. These qualities shine through both in her career as a veterinary nurse and in her contributions to the Gold Rush series.

Moreover, throughout the show, viewers frequently saw Ashley providing unwavering support and actively participating in Parker Schnabel’s gold mining endeavors.

Parker Schnabel’s Wedding Plans

As of 2023, Schnabel does not seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle. Though he has had short-term affairs a couple of times, he seems to be very cautious about tying the knot. For now, he does not seem to have a wedding plan but hopefully, we will see him with a perfect spouse in the future.

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