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Who Is Rachel Jeffs’ Husband? Her Past & Present Marriage & Children

Rachel Jeffs, the daughter of the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), has had a rollercoaster of a life. In her lifetime, she has married twice. Although she is happily married presently, Rachel’s first marriage was forced upon her by her own father. After going through her story, you’ll know that she’s come a long way since she left her dad’s cult in 2014.

Reportedly, she walked down for the second time, but who is her husband in 2023? Does Jeffs have any children from her partner? In this article, we will explore all the details of her personal life.

Let’s get right into it!

Who Is Rachel Jeffs’ Husband In 2023?

Warren Jeffs’ daughter, Rachel is in a happy marriage with her spouse, Brandon Blackmore. Having married each other in 2017, the couple will be celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary in 2023. So, for the last 5 years, both Rachel and her better half, Brandon have been each other’s greatest supporters and one true love.

Rachel Jeffs' and her now husband Brandon Blackmore
Rachel is a lovely picture with her current husband, Brandon Blackmore

Furthermore, having had a messy life before, we are happy to see Rachel striving today. Even more so, she never fails to flaunt her love all over social media as well. On the duo’s 5th wedding anniversary, Rachel posted a sweet photo with her hubby, Brandon, and expressed how he has been a source of “good changes” in her life so far.

In the days to come, we really hope they grow even more fond of each other – all the best to Rachel and Brandon Blackmore!

Everything You Need To Know About Brandon Blackmore

Now that you know Brandon is Jeffs’ partner, let’s learn a little more about him, shall we? As per many sources, just like his wife, Brandon was also a member of the FLDS. Moreover, his whole family was under the suppression of the “cult” who only left it behind just a few years back.

Warren Jeffs' son-in-law
A cute picture of Jeffs’ better half with their newborn son

In that bargain, we all know that Rachel’s dad was the leader of FLDS. He was a polygamous man with over 70 wives. Now, interestingly, Warren Jeffs’ was married to two of Blackmore’s sisters. That’s right, two of Rachel’s stepmoms were her husband’s siblings. Millie Blackmore and Annie Mae Blackmore were their names.¬†

How Did Rachel Jeffs’ And Brandon Meet? Details On Their Relationship And Marriage

As mentioned above, both Jeff and her hubby, Blackmore were once parts of the FLDS. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the pair met during their time at the church. To be more precise, Rachel came across Brandon when she sought asylum after leaving the cult behind with her 5 children.

Moreover, after being in each other’s presence for some time Rachel and Brandon fell in love. Following this, on 23rd September 2017, the pair walked down the aisle and vowed to never leave each other’s side. Their wedding was an intimate affair attended by only a few of the duo’s close people, including Rachel’s children from her first marriage. To announce her happily ever after, the cult leader’s daughter also shared a lovely picture of her and her newly married partner together.

Rachel Jeff’s First Husband & Forced Marriage As A Teenager¬†

Before Brandon came along, Rachel was forced into a marriage by her father when she was just a teenager. Furthermore, she was previously married to Richard Allred; also a member of the FLDS. At the time of their marriage, Rachel was 18, while Allredd was 25 and already had 2 wives. However, his list of partners did not end with her; Richard married for the 4th time after a year of marrying Warren’s daughter.

Rachel's first spouse Brandon
Jeffs and her former hubby, Richard Allred from FLDS

During her time with Richard, Rachel faced a lot of hardships. To further elaborate on this, she was constantly abused by him and was also left alone when pregnant. Thankfully, after some time, she finally gathered the guts to leave him and took all of the pair’s children with her as well.

How Many Children Does Rachel Have?

Jeffs, who has been married twice in all her life, has a total of 10 children. During her forced marriage with Richard Allredd, Rachel became a mother to 5 children. Likewise, Brandon and her share a total of 2 biological kids of their own. In addition, she has also adopted 3 other children as per one of her Instagram posts.

Jeffs is a mother of 10 children
Rachel Jeffs’ huge family – her 10 children and partner, Brandon Blackmore

Including the kids from her first marriage, Rachel and Brandon share a special bond with each one of them. She also often posts about her family enjoying each others’ company all over social media. Presently, it seems Jeffs’ whole family is the center of her world!

She Lives In North Idaho With Her Family

For those of you wondering where Rachel is today, she lives a happy life with her partner, Blackmore, and children in North Idaho. Furthermore, leaving her troubled past behind, she really seems to be enjoying her quiet, peaceful life as of 2023.


When did Rachel marry her present husband?

She married her now hubby, Brandon Blackmore on 23rd September 2017.

When did Jeffs quit FLDS?

On 31st December 2014, she quit FLDS.

Was her first husband polygamous like her father?

Yes, Rachel’s first partner, Richard was also polygamous. He had a total of 4 wives.

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