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Who Is Rollo Tomassi wife? His Love Affairs Girlfriend & More

Rollo Tomassi, whose real name is George W. Miller is most famous for being a YouTuber and social media influencer. Although he has been on the platform for years, Tomassi has managed to keep certain parts of his life to himself. Still, the podcast host has a secret wife.

In this article, we will let you know further about Rollo Tomassi wife, love affairs, girlfriends, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • The podcaster is 54 years old as of 2023.
  • He has been wedded once and has one daughter.
  • The Youtuber met the love of his life at a club.
  • Tomassi has been with a lot of women in the past.
  • His better half is a Christian like him.

Who is Rollo Tomassi’ Wife? They have been married for 26 years despite his negative views on marriage

Tomassi married his wife on July 20th, 1996. They have been sharing this journey called life for over 25 years now.

Despite being a married man for over two decades he has not disclosed the name or details about his better half. He is a private man when it comes to his family.

Rollo Tomassi posing for photo
Tomassi posing for Instagram
Source, Instagram (@rational_male)

It was the YouTuber himself who first revealed when did he marry his wife, through his Twitter account. He wrote,

I married my wife 26 years ago today.

According to him, as specified in his book ‘The Rational Male’, marriage these days isn’t ideal and men are better off focusing on themselves than tying knots early and being with modern women.

Even if the Youtuber has been telling young men for past years his not-so-favorable views on marriage, his own marital life appears to be lively and they have a daughter too.

He met his wife at a Rock Club

About four years ago in a podcast hosted by Richard Cooper Rollo was invited as a guest. There, Tomassi talked about how he met his wife at a rock club in Northern California.

Rational Male author surrounded by guitars

“she was a plate that i was spinning at but no, she was not a party girl… she was drinking but not lot.. she is very responsible”

Apparently, the lady was out with her girl friends to have a good time on their girls’ night. The author claims that she was not drinking a lot and he was attracted to her because she looked fun to be in bed with.

Mrs. Tomassi comes from Conservative Christian Family

In the same podcast, the content creator mentioned that his spouse is from a Conservative Christian Family. She never went over the top and did drugs, just drank to her limit, and had a normal fun youth.

From what we have heard from her hubby, she is a reliable person who was raised well.

Rollo Tomassi and his Wife’s daughter is a High School Graduate

As per sources, he has a daughter. Moreover, the young lady is in her late teens and graduated high school some time ago.

Rollo Tomassi with wife and daughter
Tomassi, his wife, and their daughter at her graduation

Unfortunately, just like her mom, her whereabouts are also behind closed doors.

Rollo Tomassi has had a number of girlfriends in the past

Tomassi has been in a handful of relationships before he was hitched. He had his first love at the age of 19 and he thought he was going to marry her. Unfortunately, she cheated on him and broke his heart. Since then, he developed trust issues with dating and being in love.

Similarly, just about four months before he met his current wife, he was still in a relationship with another woman. While his spouse is not a party girl, his ex-girlfriend was someone who drank often and abused narcotics.

He could not be with her for long due to her emotional baggage and struggle with BPD. Rollo certainly feels he dodged a bullet.

The way he talks about his past affairs and girlfriends, it is easy to guess that the influencer didn’t have a pleasant experience with relationships. Regardless, he is grateful for it because he wouldn’t have settled with his dear wife if it weren’t for those encounters.

Where does he live with his family?

The influencer currently enjoys his blissful conjugal life and lives in Reno, Nevada. The Tomassi family owns a handful of greyhound dogs.

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