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Who is Tammy Allen Husband? Details On Her Marriage

Tammy Allen is the daughter of the late famous businessman Bill Allen. She is now the CEO of Allen Unique Autos and is popular amongst people who are interested in motors and automobiles. Along with her refulgent automobile career, is Tammy also successful when it comes to her married life? If yes, know about her husband.

Here we are going to discuss her ultra-secretive matrimonial relationship with her hubby, so keep reading if you are eager to know.

Tammy Allen’s Husband’s Surname Was Kerrigan

Tammy was previously married to a guy whose last name was Kerrigan. After their marriage, Allen also adopted her then-spouse’s last moniker. However, as of now, the automobile enthusiast no longer keeps that name which concludes the two are already divorced.

Tammy Allen in a red classic car.
Tammy sits in one of her favorite cars 1957 Elvis Cadillac.

Like Allen, her ex-husband Mr. Kerrigan is also a private person as we do not know his first name. But, as per some online reports, they were married for a long time before things turned south.

Tammy Is The Mother of Four Children

Over the years, Bill Allen’s daughter has birthed four children from her love affairs. Their names are Landon Alexander, Kasey Gallegos, Misty Allen, and Skylar Baldwin. Among them, two of her daughters Kasey and Misty are married.

Misty has been in a beautiful marital relationship with her hubby Jace Casey. The two got married in 2016 and gave birth to two lovely girls, making Tammy the proud grandmother for the first time.

tammy and kasey in a vintage photo
Tammy with her daughter Kasey

On the other hand, her other daughter Kasey is married to a man named Sam Rivera. They tied their knot on the 5th of April, 2017 and it was a small private wedding. She has three lovely kids and the eldest one is Shelbey, making Allen the grand-mom of five grandchildren.

Allen’s Son Landon Dead at 36; Here is What Happened

On June 20 of 2015, Allen’s one and only son Landon sadly passed away. He was only 36 years old when he tragically departed. The cause of his demise is undisclosed as of now.

Tammy Allen Son
Allen’s expired son with his dog. Source: Facebook

Tammy had to deal with one of the worst tragedies one could think of; she attended her own son’s funeral. The amount of pain she must have been in is unimaginable to have lost her child who was of such a young age.

Born on October 25th, 1978, in Colorado, Landon went to Cornerstone Christian K-12 and Parker High School.

Is Tammy Dating Anybody Right Now?

Tammy does not appear to be dating right now. From what we know, she is single and only posts herself spending time with her pet dog on Facebook.

Furthermore, she happens to be doing fine by herself at this age.

Things You Have To Know About Tammy Allen and Her Father Bill Allen

The car lover was born to Bill Allen, a businessman and the ex-CEO of VECO Corporation on February 22nd, 1960, in Colorado, United States. She was one of his three other kids. Her dad Bill was actually from New Mexico but later shifted to Alaska when he reached 16 years old to be the man of his family.

In addition to that, she had two other siblings; Mark Allen and Shannon Allen. On May 7th, 2007, Mr. Allen was taken to prison and pled guilty to the Alaska Political Corruption Probe. Later, he stepped down from their company VECO and that was when Tammy became the Chairman of the company. She was also the one who made the sale of VECO to Colorado’s CH2M Hill Corporation and her and her siblings received around $30 million from it.

She Owns a Car Company

Over the years, Tammy is more likely known for her enthusiasm for motors and amazing car collections. In just the last ten years, she has appeared in many car auctions and purchased many of them. She says that her interest in cars arose from her late father as he was obsessed with collecting cars too.

Tammy began her very own rare car hire company and service, ‘Allen Unique Auto Museum’ in 2010, in Grand Junction, Colorado. She initially opened with a rare collection of her cars, antique and vintage automobiles.

In the same collection was one of the government’s ambulances that was used to transport the body of President John F. Kennedy after his assassination in 1963.

Allen with cars
Tammy shows off her 2007 Rolls Royce Phantom previously owned by Nicholas Cage in the new Allen Car Museum in Grand Junction, Colorado. Source; The Daily Sentinel, Associated Press

However, the company was closed due to Allen’s mother suffering from leukemia, and her son Landon’s death in December of 2015. But it didn’t mean her love for cars was reduced, she still loves them.

The exact words by Allen Unique Auto were,

“With the loss of her beloved son, Landon, the focus of Tammy’s heart and efforts have been (understandably) redirected from AUA and its operation to Tammy’s family, faith, and friends and supporting her mother’s battle with leukemia,”

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