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Truth About Lexi Underwood Boyfriend & Dating Rumors

Young actress, Lexi Underwood is the current Hollywood sensation. Since her show, Little Fires Everywhere became a massive hit, people have had a desire to learn everything about their beloved 19-year-old artist. Typically, Lexi’s fans wonder who her boyfriend is currently. Is the young entertainer taken or single? And, what’s her relationship with actor, Jabari Banks – are they dating?

Well, you’ve come to the right place for the answers to the above-mentioned questions. In this article, we will take a dive into Underwood’s love life. Let’s read further to find out all the facts.

Is Lexi Underwood Dating A Boyfriend In 2023?

As far as we know, Lexi has always been very protective of any of her personal information. Furthermore, to this date, she has hardly ever talked about her romantic life with her fans. Therefore, it is hard for us to confirm if she has a boyfriend or not in 2023.

However, based on a couple of pictures, Underwood’s fans have speculated she is dating the actor, Jabari Banks. Apparently, the two celebrated the 24-year-old actor’s birthday together in August of 2022. Even more so, they have also made some not-so-secret appearances in public – keep reading to know more!

Lexi Underwood’s Would-Be Boyfriend Is The Bel-Air Actor

Unlike Lexi, her 24-year-old would-be partner, Jabari Banks has just risen to fame in recent days. His portrayal of Will Smith’s role in the 2022 TV series, Bel-Air has made Banks one of the most gifted actors in America. To elaborate further, Bel-Air is a re-imagined show of the widely-known sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Its theme circles around Smith’s journey from the streets to the mansions of Bel Air. Therefore, to be a part of such an influential story was one of the greatest accomplishments for Jabari.

24 y/o rumored bf of Lexi Underwood
The young and dashing, Jabari Banks

Apart from this, his job in Bad Genius and WWE Raw is also appreciated to this date. Although Underwood’s rumored partner did not enter showbiz at a young age as her, it seems, he is making his way through the top.

Little Fires Everywhere Was Seen Celebrating Jabari Banks’ Birthday With Him In 2022

As previously mentioned, the speculation of a love affair between Lexi and Jabari began somewhere around August 2022. In that bargain, there were subtle hints from the couple itself that led their fans to this guess. For instance, both Underwood and her would-be boyfriend shared some cute pictures of them together which were taken during Banks’ 24th birthday celebration. Moreover, the Bel-Air star also displayed sweet appreciation toward his girlfriend for making his big day a special one.

Lexi and Jabari celebrate his birthday together
Snapshots from Banks’ 24th birthday party in August 2022

Not only this but the pair have also been caught several times by paparazzi. Previously, Underwood and Banks were seen together, celebrating New Year’s Eve. So, if they are in fact together, it must have been a great start to a fresh year for the pair by each other’s side.

With the following rumor going around, fans also could not stop themselves from expressing their admiration for the newly formed duo. Since both of them are huge sensations these days, even the fans were happy to see their beloved artists bonded with love. Furthermore, many also went to Twitter to congratulate Lexi and Jabari.

Lexi Is Yet To Confirm The Allegations Of Her Having An Affair With Jabari

Despite what we have noticed so far, it would be wrong of us to fully admit that Lexi Underwood is dating her 24-year-old actor boyfriend. One reason for this is, neither Lexi nor Banks have confirmed the rumors of them being together. That’s right, even after almost a year of rumors going around, the young actors are yet to come forward together and reveal the truth about their dating life.

19 y/o Underwood poses for the camera
The alleged “couple” – Lexi with her would-be partner, Jabari

Additionally, since both of them are in their prime age and working hard to get on their top game, maybe the 19-year-old and her adult boyfriend are planning to keep things off the radar for some time. Furthermore, they could also be taking things slow for a while before they involve their fans and media in their relationship.

Nonetheless, we are happy to be seeing the two happy when in each other’s arms. Hopefully, in the days to come, we will have a concrete answer as well.


Has actress, Lexi Underwood confirmed the rumors of her dating Jabari Banks?

No, so far, Lexi has not confirmed her dating rumors with Jabari.

What is the age gap between Underwood and Banks?

She is 5 years younger than the actor.

Do Underwood and Banks share the same birthdays?

No, Underwood does not share the same birthday with Banks. However, they do share the same birth month i.e., August.

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