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Virginia Marie Carter, Aaron Carter’ Sister; Where is she now?

Virginia Marie Carter is a personality known for being the sister of Aaron and Nick Carter. While her brothers are 90s heartthrobs and gained a lot of fame from the musical industry, the sister did not see her career as a singer.

What caught people’s interest to know more about Virginia is her close relationship with her brother Aaron. Aaron sadly left the world in 2022 and his untimely passing away linked his sister to the media’s attention.

Virginia is a private person and looks like she herself did not choose a celebrity life. Most of the rocks of her life seem to be unturned. This article will make an attempt to flip every stone and compile all the known information about her parents, brothers, career, net worth, ethnicity, husband, and many more. Let’s start.

Key Takeaways

  • Virginia is the oldest daughter of the Carter clan.
  • She is now a realtor.
  • Her half-brother Nick is a former member of the Backstreet Boys.
  • She has lost two of her half-siblings.
  • She is yet to tie the knot with a husband.

The Early Life of Virginia Marie Carter

Virginia was born in October 1972, in Mississippi, USA. The 50 years old spend her childhood with her other siblings in Mississippi itself and her family spent most of their life in the same state.

Details on her schooling and education are not much known. However, we can easily claim she studied in Mississippi as she spent her childhood there.

Moving on, her birth in the USA tells us that her nationality is American, and from sources it is known that Carter is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her ancestors are from English, Welsh, German, and Irish.

Who Are Carter’s Parents?

Virginia is the daughter of Robert Gene Carter and his first wife Margaret Pamela Julie Daniels. Her parents owned a bar in Westfield, New York called Yankee Rebel while her father originally was a business executive in Florida.

Virginia's parents
Robert and Margaret Carter (Virginia Marie Carter’s parents)

Tragically, her father passed away at the age of 65 on May 16, 2017. He was found unconscious at home. However, the exact reason for his death is still unknown.

Virginia’s half-brother confirmed the death of their father by expressing heartfelt condolences on his social media. Nick spilled his feelings on Twitter and stated:

Similarly, Aaron posted a picture of his father on his Instagram using words full of sorrow and pain. He also said his dad was his real-life superhero. The passing away of the kids’ dad really impacted them. Not just that, the late Aaron has frequently made posts about his father.

Virginia has seven siblings

Apart from one biological sister, Taelyn Dobson Carter, Virginia is the sister to six other siblings.

The Carter siblings in a picture
Virginia’s brother and sister in a photo.

Twins, Aaron Carter and Angel Carter (b.1987), Nick Carter (b.1990), Bobbie Jean Carter (b.1982), and Leslie Carter (b.1986) are Virginia’s half-siblings from her late father’s marriage with his ex-wife Jane Elizabeth Carter. Similarly, she has another half-sibling a brother named Kaden Brent Carter who is her father’s son from his relationship with a woman named Ginger Elrod.

The chronicles of their life can be discovered in the family reality TV show called House of Carters. The show can be streamed in E!.

Death of Virginia’s half-siblings; Aaron Carter and Leslie Carter

Virginia Marie has lost two of her beloved siblings. Firstly, she had to bear the loss of her baby sister Leslie who took her last breath at the very young age of 25 on January 31, 2012, in New York.

Sources claim that Leslie’s death was due to an overdose of the medications she was taking. She was found unconscious in the shower. Nevertheless, she was pronounced dead upon her arrival at the hospital.

Leslie and Aaron Carter in the photo
A picture of Leslie and Aaron together

The other sibling whose loss Virginia had to shoulder is Aaron Carter. On November 5, 2022, Aaron was found dead in his home in Lancaster, California. The post-mortem report showed that his death was due to drowning. Furthermore, the drowning happened because of the sedatives he had taken and he also inhaled the air spray cleaner gas.

Aaron Felt Responsible For His Father’s and Sister’s Death

Aaron took the blame upon himself after his sis Leslie and dad’s death. He made a statement where he said how he feels he is responsible for their demise. With eyes full of tears he said,

“I felt like I’d been responsible for the death of my sister, for the death of my dad, for my family falling apart,” he says through tears.

He made this statement in a preview of the series, Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. He was in a group therapy session where he could not hold on to his emotions and had to let it all out. Turned out, he never really had a good relationship with his family members. So, he was always trying to fix the bond with his loved ones.

From the sources, we can somehow say that he was the closest with his twin sister Angel. She even was given the ashes of his cremation.

Is Virginia Marie Carter in a Marriage Relationship?

Virginia is a personality with a heavy preference for private life. As a result, she has not revealed if she is married or not.

In the past, she has not been linked with any boyfriend, and we also cannot confirm if she is currently in a relationship. For now, we only can wait for confirmation from her or her family members to be sure of her husband or marriage life.

Similarly, there is no information about if she has children or ever had one.

Carter is a Realtor

Currently, Carter works as a realtor. She is based in Mississippi, her hometown. Before becoming a realtor she worked in a  local department store.

Besides, she also once had the opportunity to appear on TV. In 2006, she made her debut TV appearance in the family reality show, House of Carters which aired on E!. The show was mainly focused on documenting the life of the star brothers, Virginia, her sisters Leslie, Angel, and Taelyn, and her parents. However, the show was canceled after season one only.

Virginia Marie Carter’s Net Worth

While the exact figures of her net worth are not available, we somehow can say that she is doing good. The average pay of a realtor in Mississippi is above $84,000 per annum, so her pay is good. Similarly, the average housing price in the area is $166,966 which gives a good chance for us to speculate she owns a house worth more than $160,000 and can afford it with her pay.

Her celebrity brothers on the other hand are extremely rich. Nick has a ridiculous net worth of $35 million and Aaron was able to accumulate assets worth $550,000 before he passed away.

Profile Summary

Age 51 years (2023)
Parents Late Robert Carter (Father) and Margaret Pamela Julie Daniels (Mother)
Profession Realtor
Address Mississippi, USA
Siblings 7 (Three Brothers and Four Sisters)
Marital Status  N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth Approx. $500,000 



How many Carter siblings have passed away?

Two siblings, Aaron Carter and Leslie Carter have passed away.

How old is Virginia Marie Carter?

She is 51 years old.

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