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Was Scott Minerd Married to a Husband? His Relationship Detail

Scott Minerd was the founding managing partner and Global Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Investments. He, sadly, died on December 21st, 2022 due to cardiac arrest. Minerd built quite a life for himself as a businessman. His passing away was devastating for his loved ones, including his husband. It has made the public curious about his married life and the whereabouts of his spouse.

In the article below, you will be reading about the details of Minerd’s married life and his partner.

Was Scott Minerd Married and Gay?

Yes, the businessman was gay and wedded to his husband named Eloy Mendez. His spouse Mendez is an actor and producer. The two tied the knot in the year 2017. Their wedding ceremony was held privately so there is no more about their marriage details.

Scott and his husband Eloy together
Mendez and Merind at Global Citizen VAX. Source; Getty Images

Regardless, the gay duo was happily married for years and together until Scott’s passing in late 2022.

Scott Minerd’s Husband Is In Film Industry

His life partner Mendez is an established figure in the theatre industry. He is working as a producer and is also a stage actor. He came from a great experience in productions, television, cinema, theatric works, and so on.

Talking further about Minerd’s love of life, Eloy debuted his acting in the movie ‘Bread and Roses‘ at Cannes Film Festival, in 2000. After that, his career took off as Eloy has made appearances in over 40 short films which have all been shown in festivals around the world. One of his remarkable works is being the main character in the showtime film Medio Tempo.

His other famous works are Girlfriends, Courage, The Protector, The Price of Happiness, The Last Ship, etc. Not only that but the spouse of the late investor was also a part of the reputed Latino Theatre Lab for over three years, the same place where Mendez was one of the writers of the known play ‘Melancholia’.

Stage talent and production are a very significant part of his life and Eloy is very much fond of it.

Scott and His Spouse Eloy Attending Events Together

The particulars of their bond have been undisclosed and they have never talked about how they met or started falling in love with each other. Despite that, the pair had always been affectionate and happy in front of the cameras. It seems like they were the same behind the camera too as they were still together until Mendez’s death.

The hubbies were discreet, but like any other celebrity lovers, they have also made multiple public appearances together in events like the RFK Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala, in New York City and Global Citizen VAX LIVE, California.

Scott and Eloy at RFK Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala, New York City,
Mendez and Minerd together posing for a picture. Source; Getty Images

The above picture is from when they went to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala, in New York City in December 2021

Scott and Eloy in suits posing
Posing together at Global Citizen VAX LIVE, California. Source; Getty Images

And again in May 2022, they attended Global Citizen VAX LIVE, in California.

Minerd and His Partner Eloy Shared a Huge Gap

As per sources, the two had a considerable age gap of at least two decades. Despite that, the duo got along well even though their marital life wasn’t that public.

While the late businessman was born in 1959 and died at 63, his partner Mendez hasn’t made his presence much after the death of his hubby which isn’t surprising because the actor wasn’t socially active before either.

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They Produced a Documentary Together

Like many partners, Minerd and his husband Eloy were also involved in a couple of projects. Together, they helped to produce the documentary We are Here’. It aired at Sundance Film Festival in 2021 and portrays what it is like to be in the place of a 30-year-old immigrant. The documentary is about showing what it means to have citizenship, national politics, immigration laws, and other things related to stuff like that.

As Eloy comes from a Latin background, their production hand on the documentary must have meant a lot to the partners. Further, in 2017, they collaborated on ‘The Low End Theory, Joy Joy Nails.’

Eloy and His Husband Were Philanthropists

Eloy always shows his enthusiasm for the theatre industry and how good he is at what he does. Along with that, he and his late hubby are also strong philanthropists. They performed multiple charity contributions along with being passionate about their professions.

The duo has helped charities like RFK Foundation, Union Rescue Mission, Izunome Association, and various other orphanages/poorly funded schools located in Latin America, where Mendez is from.

According to a New York Times interview, on the day before Thanksgiving, Minerd was spending his whole day working in place of the homeless, fried turkeys, then went to the Union Rescue Mission to give out food, gift bags, and bibles.

A few days before Scott’s death, the last words heard from him were,

“We need to build another place for families to come in from the streets.”

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