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What Is Bobbie Jean Carter Doing Now? Insight Into Her Life

Bobbie Jean Carter is a famous American actress and television personality. She gained fame through her appearances on the reality show, The House of Carters. Bobbie is also popularly known as the sister of singers, Nick and Aaron Carter.

However, despite her rise to stardom, she has managed to keep a low profile and avoid the media and public attention. This has created a sense of curiosity among her fans and the public, as they want to know more about Bobbie’s personal life. Read the article below to know more about her life in detail.

Here is a summary of Bobbie:

Name Bobbie Jean Carter
Date of Birth Jan 12, 1982
Place of Birth New York, USA
Age 41
Parents Robert Gene Carter(father) and Jane Elizabeth Carter(mother)
Siblings Taelyn Dobson Carter, Virginia Carter, Angel Carter, Leslie Carter, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and Kaden Brent Carter
Nationality American
Profession Actress and model
Net worth $450k
Marital Status Single

Bobbie Jean Carter’s Early Life And Education

Bobbie, the actress and television personality, was born in New York in early 1982. She grew up in a large family of seven siblings, which undoubtedly influenced her upbringing and later career path.

Bobbie Jean Carter during E! and STYLE Networks' TCA Summer Press Tour
Bobbie during E! and STYLE Networks’ TCA Summer Press Tour

Talking about her educational background, Bobbie attended Frank D. Miles Elementary School for her primary education. Later, she pursued her passion for acting and enrolled in the Starkey Academy, where she completed her acting training. She also furthered her education in acting by studying at a prestigious university, which helped hone her skills and prepared her for a career in the entertainment industry.

Who Are Bobbie Jean Carter’s Parents?

Bobbie’s mother and father are Jane Elizabeth Carter and Robert Gene Carter, respectively. Her dad worked as a Florida-based business executive.

Unfortunately, Bobbie’s father passed away in 2017 due to poor health at the age of 65. It must have been a difficult time for Bobbie and her family to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Her Family Background And Siblings

Bobbie Carter has a diverse ancestry, with English, German, Scottish, Welsh, and Scots-Irish roots. This rich heritage reflects the melting pot of cultures that make up the United States, and it is something that Bobbie is likely proud of and holds close to her heart.

Bobbie and her siblings pose for a family portrait after lunch with US Weekly magazine
Bobbie and her siblings at US Weekly magazine

In addition to her varied ancestry, Bobbie also comes from a large family. She has four siblings, including two sisters, Angel Carter and Leslie Carter, who unfortunately passed away in 2011 at the young age of 25. Bobbie also has two brothers, Nick Carter and Aaron Carter, both of whom are well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

Bobbie’s family extends beyond her siblings, as she also has step-sisters from her father’s previous and current marriages. These include Taelyn Dobson Carter and Ginger Carter, as well as a half-brother named Kaden Carter.

Is Bobbie Jean Carter married?

Due to her private nature, it is difficult to determine whether she is married or not. She has not made any public statements about her marital status, and there is no information available about any current or previous relationships or affairs.

Angel, Aaron, and Bobbie at the red carpet of Rolling Stone Magazine
Angel(L), Aaron(C), and Bobbie(R) at the red carpet of Rolling Stone Magazine

Bobbie’s desire for privacy has also shielded her from rumors or scandals, and she has managed to maintain a clean public image. In the absence of concrete information, all we can do is speculate about Bobbie’s personal life.

She was arrested for Battery

In 2002, when Carter was 20 years old, she was arrested for two counts of battery after attacking two women who she claimed had assaulted her sister on Halloween.

The responding officer found Bobbie and her sister drinking and Bobbie was upset, claiming that her sister had been jumped and that she had protected her. Her behavior attracted the attention of passersby due to her loud yelling, glassy eyes, and the smell of alcohol.

Bobbie poses at a lunch at US Weekly magazine
Bobbie at US Weekly magazine

The officer tried to calm her down while another officer gathered information from witnesses and victims, who pinned the blame on Bobbie. One of the victims claimed that Angel Carter, Bobbie’s sister, had threatened to beat everyone before leaving and returning with Bobbie to start a fight.

Moreover, during the altercation, Bobbie and her friends punched one of the victims before turning their attention to the other victim, hitting her in the face before being pulled apart.

She has a live journal and social media

Bobbie used to frequently post on her LiveJournal, but she stopped on October 22, 2005. Her last journal entry was “Love is a strange feeling!!!!”.

While she may no longer be active on that platform, it appears that she is still present on various social media platforms, though her accounts are unverified. On Instagram, for example, she has a private account with the handle @bobbiejeancarter and has 1.9k followers. Despite being private, her account is still accessible to those whom she approves to follow her.

Bobbie Jean is an actress and a model

Late Aaron Carter’s sister Bobbie has had a career in both acting and modeling. One of her most notable works was her appearance on the reality TV show, House of Carter, alongside her brothers. She was involved in every aspect of the show and even worked as a wardrobe and makeup assistant for her brother Aaron’s tour.

Bobbie, Angel, and Leslie joke around after lunch at US Weekly magazine
Bobbie(L), Angel(C), and Leslie(R) at US Weekly magazine

Bobbie has also actively worked in the modeling industry, in addition to her television career. A prominent fashion magazine voted her as one of the top ten models in New York. She has also worked with various fashion brands such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Armani.

Moreover, Carter has participated in prestigious fashion events in Europe and England. She has done many photoshoots for swimwear and bikini lines in South America. Currently, Bobbie is living a low-key life away from the media.

Furthermore, she has also worked as a waitress at an Applebee’s restaurant in Inverness, Florida in 2017.

Her net worth is $450k

The successful TV personality Bobbie’s exact earnings are not officially confirmed, but estimates suggest that she has accumulated a net worth of around $450k.

She has accumulated this sum through her career in television, modeling, and brand collaborations.¬†As well as her work as a wardrobe and makeup assistant on her brother Aaron’s tours.

She has been able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle since childhood, and her career successes have allowed her to continue doing so with her family.

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