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What Is Justine Musk Net Worth? Where Is She Now?

Justine Musk is an amazing author who has given numerous books thriller/ fantasy books that are published by top publishers and read by thousands of people worldwide. Writing books and being an author have provided her with numerous opportunities to generate a huge amount of money and add to her net worth.

And as of now, Justine does not seem to be appearing much to the public’s eye and is living a very low-key life. From this article, we will know about her finances and what she is up to now.

Key Takeaways

  • Justine (Wilson) Musk is a Canadian author born on September 2, 1972.
  • She is the first wife of billionaire Elon Musk.
  • The couple divorced in 2008.
  • She is now living away from the public.

Justine Musk’s Net Worth In 2023

Justine is a highly accomplished individual, with a remarkable net worth of $3 million dollars, which is an achievement as an author. According to reports, she has primarily earned her wealth through her writing and her engaging TED talks. Additionally, Justine continues to receive royalties from her published books, further contributing to her fortune.

Justine Musk in a Ted Talk
Justine doing what she does best: giving a Ted Talk

In addition to her writing career, Justine has diversified her income streams through her work as a public speaker, delivering inspiring speeches and conducting seminars that educate and empower her audience. Furthermore, she has collaborated with various renowned authors, sharing her expertise and experience to create powerful literary works.

Notably, Justine’s past includes her marriage to the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.  Despite their divorce, she continues to struggle and succeed in her professional life, anchoring her status as a talented and resilient woman.

Alimony From Divorce With Elon Musk

Justine asked quite a few things in divorce settlement from Elon which seems to be reasonable considering that she was taking care of five children they had together.

Justine's picture with her ex-husband Elon
Justine and her ex-husband Elon Musk

She reportedly asked for the house they were living in, alimony with child support, and $6 million cash. Additionally, she also asked for 10 percent of what Elon owns in Tesla, 5 percent of Elon’s share in SpaceX, and a Tesla Roadster.

While they have not revealed the exact reason for their split but there are assumptions that they divorced because of Elon’s display of a superiority complex and domination towards his wife.

There is an entire essay written by the lady on how Elon treated her which highlights important parts including the usage of foul mouths on Justine. The article can be found here.

Besides, for a fact, Elon also has Twins children with Shivon Zilis Via IVF.

Justine Musk Owns A House and Some Cars

Justine is reputed to be the proud owner of a luxurious home in one of the most expensive locations in the United States, which is California. The house that she owns is estimated to be worth a staggering $1 million. Not limiting herself to being an owner of a house only, she also shares an amazing taste in cars and owns a couple of good rides.

Estimated Yearly Breakdown of Justine’s Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2023 $3 million
2022 $2.4 million
2021 $1.9 million


Where Is Justine Musk Now?

She seems to be living a very private life now, without getting out on media much. Unlike her ex-husband Elon Musk who likes to reveal everything about his life, Justine is the opposite. She looks as though to be living a cool life with her children, keeping a lot of affairs private.

She can be found tweeting about a lot of things frequently but her exact location about where she is, and what she is doing is unknown because of her preference for secret life.

Justine Musk's ex-hubby Elon along with their five children
Justine and Elon Musk have 5 children (twins and triplets)

Even though she divorced Elon Musk, she is still using his last name for the sake of her children. However back in 2022 one of her children (daughter) no longer wanted to become associated with her father and changed her surname to Wilson (Justine’s last name).

Is She Working on a New Book?

The fantasy writer penned her last book in 2008 and since then the readers have been waiting to read more from her. While there is no official confirmation about her new or upcoming book, the break she is taking from the public might be a sign that she is imagining something to spill on paper. 


What is Justine Musk’s net worth?

She is worth $3 million dollars in 2023.

Where is Justine now?

She is living a private life with her children now.

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