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Who Is Abbie Mae Chapman? Untold Facts About Her

Abbie Mae Chapman is a well-known young personality who gained her celebrity status primarily through her family connections. Her mother, Lyssa Chapman, is a former TV personality and bounty hunter. However, what makes Abbie even more special is her connection to her famous grandfather, Duane Chapman, who is also a well-known bounty hunter.

At the age of 20, Abbie is already living a life of luxury and fame. So, where is she now? What is her family background? Let’s get into more in detail about her personal life and her relationship with her parents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Abbie is currently 20 years old, being born on June 11, 2002.
  • Her mother is Lyssa Chapman, who is a famous TV personality and bounty hunter.
  • Abbie’s grandfather is also a popular bounty hunter.
  • Abbie Mae is dating Jamison Cremeans at present.

Abbie Mae Chapman’s Early Life And Education

Abbie was born in Alaska on June 11, 2002. She spent her early years growing up in Alaska with her family before eventually moving to Hawaii, where she attended Sacred Hearts Academy for her high school education.

Abbie Mae Chapman on the way to her high school prom
Abbie during her high school prom

Attending Sacred Hearts Academy may have provided Abbie with a unique and valuable educational experience. Regardless, completing her high school education is an accomplishment that will serve her well in whatever path she chooses to take next.

Abbie Mae Chapman’s Parents Are Successful Individuals

Abbie is the first and only child of her parents, Lyssa Rae Chapman(mother) and Brendan(father). Her mom is a former bounty hunter who gained fame as the ninth child of famous bounty hunter Duane Chapman and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain.

Lyssa gave birth to Abbie when she was just fifteen years old. It is worth noting that she became pregnant with Abbie at the age of fourteen. During her pregnancy, she faced many challenges. Her mother put her in a trailer and asked her to pay rent, leaving her to fend for herself during this difficult time.

Abbie, her mother, and sister on a hill
Abbie(L) with her mother(R) and sister(C)

In contrast, Abbie’s father, Brendan, was 24 years old at the time of her birth and was later arrested for statutory rape.

Despite these challenges, Abbie’s mother, Lyssa, has gone on to build a successful career. She is currently engaged to Leiana Evensen, and the couple runs a tanning salon together. Additionally, Lyssa runs a clothing line called ‘Baby By Lyssa Chapman,’ which features a variety of stylish clothing items.

Abbie’s Famous Grandfather

Abbie is not only known as the daughter of Lyssa and Brendan but also as the celebrity granddaughter of famous bounty hunter Duane Chapman. Duane has had a complicated marital history, having been married several times and fathered ten children with his former wives.

Duane’s first marriage to La Fonda Sue Darnell produced two sons, Duane Lee Chapman II, and Leland Chapman. He then had two children, Wesley and James, with Ann Tegnell. Sadly, his eldest child with Ann, Zebadiah, passed away shortly after birth.

Abbie with her grandfather and friends
Abbie with her grandfather, Duane

Duane’s marriage to Lyssa Rae Brittain resulted in the birth of three children: Barbara Katie Chapman (who has since passed away), Tucker Dee Chapman, and Lyssa Rae. He also had two children, Bonnie Joanne Chapman, and Garry Chapman, with his fifth wife, the late Beth Chapman.

In addition to his biological children, Duane also adopted his stepson, Dominic, who was born from Beth Chapman’s extra-marital affair. He also adopted Cecily, who was the child of one of Beth’s friends.

Despite the challenges and complications of his personal life, Duane has gained a reputation as a successful and skilled bounty hunter. His granddaughter Abbie is undoubtedly proud of his legacy and the impact he has made in his field.

She Has A Half-sibling

Abbie’s mother, Lyssa Chapman, had another child after Abbie, a daughter named Madalynn Grace Galanti. She was born in 2009 from Lyssa’s brief relationship with Brahman Galanti. Lyssa and Galanti were married for two years, from 2009 to 2011.

Abbie and her half-sister
Abbie with her sister, Madalynn

Although Lyssa’s relationship with Galanti was short-lived, their daughter Madalynn is an important part of the family and is loved by her half-sister Abbie and their extended family.

Is Abbie Mae Chapman Dating Anyone?

Chapman is dating Jamison Cremeans, reportedly, since 2021. She is not quite open about her dating life but has posted pictures of her and her boyfriend on Instagram:


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Despite being a celebrity kid, Abbie seems to prioritize her personal life and relationships over fame and media attention. But she does update about her life from time to time on her Instagram account.

Moreover, she is known to have a close relationship with her half-sister Madalyn and her cousins, who are also part of the famous Chapman family. As a young adult, Abbie is likely exploring her interests and pursuing her goals while balancing her family’s legacy and her own identity.

Her Family’s Net Worth

Abbie’s mother, Lyssa has a net worth of approximately $500k. Her huge fortune is primarily the result of her work as a TV personality and her appearances on shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter, as well as her time as a literal bounty hunter.

On the other hand, Duane, Abbie’s grandfather, has a much higher net worth of $6 million, which he has accumulated over his career as a bounty hunter and reality TV star.

Here is a summary of Abbie:

Name Abbie Mae Chapman
Date of birth June 11, 2002
Place of birth Alaska
Nationality American
Parents Lyssa Rae Chapman(mother) and Brendan(father)
Half-sibling Madalynn Grace Galanti
Relationship status Single


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