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Who Is Citadel Star Ashleigh Cummings Boyfriend? Is She Dating Or Already Married?

Ashleigh Cummings is a beautiful actress who has been able to garner a good amount of fan following from her acting and her acts of being a very kind and aware human.

The emerging actress starred in Citadel, a spy thriller action series in 2023 that became a game-changer for her career. For the show, Cummings was able to put a mark on the hearts of numerous people. Along with that, the budding star also made men and women curious about her dating life and boyfriend. While it is obvious to assume that someone as amazing as Ashleigh probably has a bf, the curiosity is equally justified because of how pretty she is.

So, is Ashleigh in a relationship with someone or is she married? Sit back and relax as this article will do the digging for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cummings was born in Saudi Arabia.
  • Her act in Citadel gained her massive appreciation and respect.
  • Through the series, she also built a good relationship with her co-star Priyanka Chopra.
  • She is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend now.

Who is Citadel Star Ashleigh Cummings Boyfriend?

Her beau is her fellow Australian actor Aaron Jakubenko. The two are now in a happy and long-term relationship. As per some sources, it is known that they have been dating since 2016. Since then, the love has only grown and become stronger.

While we do not know how they met and started dating, their linkage with the acting industry does give some hints. They could be met somewhere at an event or anywhere in their hometown.

Keeping this speculation aside, the best thing about their relationship is how passionate their dating life is. The duo, not just shares love, support, and admiration but trust and respect goes along with it. They fully enjoy their time of togetherness by doing fun activities together, traveling, and other cute stuff.

Ashleigh and his boyfriend Aaron (couple)
Aaron and Ashleigh are in a happy relationship

Furthermore, Ashleigh and her lover Aaron are both fans of each other. They keep posting about each other on their Instagram and show off to the world how proud they are to have each other.

Ashleigh has posted a lot of Jakubenko on her social media handles, wished him a happy birthday with big paragraphs and thanked the universe for him. Similarly, her bae Aaron is also fond of his love and does not miss a chance to show off his partner.

Additionally, Cummings gets along with her lover Jakubenko’s family really well.

Ashleigh’s Bf Aaron Jakubenko is Also An Actor

The amazing boyfriend of Ashleigh is also an Australian actor based in Melbourne. Aaron rose to stardom after his role as Ander Elessedil on The Shannara Chronicles. His role in a superhit show Conspiracy 365 also helped him set his name in the entertainment industry.

Although Jakubenko is not as famous as Ashleigh and is still a struggling actor, his works portray a huge potential for a big career. People have openheartedly commented on his roles and talked about how big he can become.

Wedding Plan of The Lovely Duo

Being in a long-term relationship, weathering anything that attacks their love means the couple surely has a plan to get married. But, unfortunately, none of them have shared their thoughts or disclosed any information to get hitched.

Cummings and Aaron are rising stars in the entertainment industry and still have a lot to go. So, could be their focus on building a better career before marrying and starting a new life.

Seeing the couple have so much fun together in a relationship, the need for marriage also does not look important to them. In a post in 2019, Aaron posted a photo with his girlfriend and captioned it, “I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy more than traveling the world with my love.”

Aaron and his partner Ashleigh love travelling together
Ashleigh traveling with her partner.

Nevertheless, we hope to see the amazing love birds build a forever nest.

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