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Who is Hazen Audel Wife? Is He Even Getting Married? His Girlfriends & More

Hazen Audel is a renowned American reality TV star. He is mostly famous for being the presenter on his show on National Geographic called ‘Prime Survivor’. He also happens to be a pro adventurer, naturalist, and explorer. Naturally, there is always a big room for curiosity about him having a wife and his dating life.

So, let’s find out if the TV star is married to anyone or does have a girlfriend. Well, if you are interested in knowing all about it, we have the answers for you right below.

Who is Hazen Audel’s Wife? Is He Even Getting Married?

Hazen doesn’t have a wife now. Further, he has not addressed any possibility of him having a better half. He has been on multiple interviews over the years in his career but the reality star hasn’t talked about his spouse so far.


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Further, it might come off as a surprise considering Audel is attractive and insanely appealing but has not even revealed his future wedding plans in front of the media.

For someone whose profession revolves around going to new places, meeting new people, and trying out unfamiliar stuff that you wouldn’t in your daily life, it is more than ordinary for the star to encounter his possible life partner. But, Audel hasn’t come forward with the girl of his dreams so far.

Thus, it is also not confirmed if we will be hearing his wedding bells soon.

Audel is Also Secretive About His Girlfriend

Up to this point, the natural history guide has not introduced us to his girlfriend. As it is mentioned above that Hazen chooses to keep the matter regarding his marriage out of the public eye, he feels the same way about his gf too.

But it doesn’t mean that Hazen hasn’t any experience in the dating game. He has been on lots of dates over the years. But, Audel says finding a suitable partner with the type of lifestyle the adventurer has is difficult.

National Geographic TV Presenter Audel cutting woods
Hazen Audel, a TV star. Source: Instagram

Despite his skills and knowledge about nature and tribes, Audel claims that understanding aquatic animals is easier than understanding women. It does tell us that it is not like Hazen does not seek romance but finds it complicated to find ‘the one.’

Hazen Audel’s Ex-Girlfriend and Their Years-Long Relationship

Back in July 2014, the TV star and explorer revealed his past love and his girlfriend of six years in an interview with Daily Mail. He said that his previous relationship lasted for six years and they were madly in love. People tend to get married when they are in an agreement for that long period of time but sadly, that was not the case for the Prime Survivor Artist.

He explained,

“I’ve been giving this love stuff a pretty good shot – my last relationship lasted for six years.”

The way the television personality described how things ended with his last gf, one can easily assume that the duo was toxic together. He said his ex-girlfriend almost “boiled” his cat when things may have been heated between the couple.

In the same interview, Audel stated,

“I barely came out of that alive and I was lucky my cat didn’t get boiled! At least I know where never to venture again.”

Well, you can’t blame him for staying single after having dealt with that kind of traumatic situation.

Is Audel Ready For New Relationship?

Regardless of how things went with his past girl, Audel is now ready to be involved with someone who is caring and loving. But, it looks like Hazen has yet to meet the girl of his dream.

Prime Survival Star Hazen Audel, sat next to a basket, riverside in Mekong
Hazen Audel in riverside. Source, National Geographic

Besides, like the maximum number of men, Audel likes himself a woman who can cook. Even if she isn’t a skillful cook, he would be grateful to have someone with simple cooking knowledge. He wants someone who is similar to him when it comes to adventures; climbing trees, going around exploring the wild, engaging with tribes together, etc.

Also, he has expressed his fascination for English, mainly Bristolian women. A woman who is great at expressing her feminine side, tender and intelligent can undeniably captivate his heart.

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