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Who Is Jabari Banks Girlfriend? Is He Dating Lexi Underwood?

Despite all the fame that he has achieved as an actor, Jabari Banks’ girlfriend is one primal question that is attracting the attention of million. Rumors & evidence suggest he is dating his contemporary actress Lexi Underwood. But the lack of confirmation from both their size is making things complicated.

In this article, we bring all the answers to your questions of curiosity. Here, we will dig deeper into his love life and explore his relationship with a 19-year-old young actress. So, without delay, let’s jump right into it!

Jabari Banks Girlfriend: Is He Dating In 2023?

So far, in 2023, Jabari is not dating anyone who could be supposed to be his girlfriend. However, there are many who believe that he is in a romantic relationship with actress, Lexi Underwood.

While none of the alleged couples have confirmed their romantic involvement, the rumors of their affair began after they were seen together celebrating his 24th birthday.

Lexi Underwood and Jabari Banks poses together
A snapshot from Jabari’s 24th birthday party

As you read further, you will have answers to if this is just a hoax or the truth – keep reading!

The Bel-Air Actor Jabari Banks Rumored Relationship With Alleged Girlfriend Lexi Underwood

If you have been following Jabari for some time, you will know that he celebrated his 24th birthday with actress, Lexi. In the August of 2022, the rumored couple even shared some lovely snapshots of each other over their social media taken during the actor’s birthday celebration. Even more so, Banks thanked his would-be girlfriend by uploading an Insta story of a very beautiful cake, tagging Lexi at the bottom.

Banks would-be girlfriend Kissing him
A lovely picture of Jabari and Lexi on New Years Eve

Thus, you see, it is now obvious why fans started speculating about the relationship between Jabari and Lexi. Furthermore, the rumor was also fueled by a Twitter user, @TheGreatIsNate, who posted the couple’s lovey-dovey picture from the b-day party. Under his tweet, a number of Banks and Lexi’s fans went on and commented some staggering comments on their favorite actors’ relationship. Many of them were not hesitant to point out that they, in fact, are a “cute couple”.

As you look at the picture yourself, you won’t be able to stop yourself from believing that Banks loves Underwood. In fact, they even look like they were made for each other.

Jabari Banks Rumored Partner Underwood Is An Up-And-Coming Teen Actress

Just like Jabari, Lexi is an actress. In fact, she has been in the industry for more years than him. Lexi made her debut as an actress when she was just 10 years old. Since then, it has been almost 10 years of her working as an actress. In a decade, she has showered us with her remarkable talent and won millions of hearts.

19 year old Lexi Underwood, Jabari Banks rumored girlfriend
The beautiful girlfriend of Banks, Lexi Underwood

As an 11-year-old, Underwood got her first-ever role in a TV show. She played the role of Queen Bee on the CBS series, Person of Interest. Besides this, she has also appeared in Code Black, Henry Danger, and Walk the Prank. In addition to this, her role in Little Fires Everywhere was named “excellent” by the reputed, New York Times.

Jabari And Lexi Have An Age Gap Of 5 Years

Born on 28th August 1998, Jabari is 24 years old. On the contrary, his rumored love interest, Underwood, born on 2nd August 2003, is just 19. Therefore, the made-up couple has an age gap of 5 years! This gap between them was a matter of concern for many fans.

Since Lexi is just a teenager and Jabari is an adult, many have expressed concern regarding their compatibility. But, from what we’ve heard so far, they truly seem to get each other. Furthermore, if the rumors of them being together are in fact, true, then we wish the wonderful couple all the very best!

None of The Duo Have Confirmed The Dating Rumors Yet

As far as we know, both actors are yet to come forward together, confirming the rumors of their being together. Maybe they want to keep things low for some time before it gets serious.

Another possibility could also be that the two are taking their time figuring things out before they reveal the truth. Regardless of what might be, we hope that Jabari and Lexi are happy and in love together if they are dating in 2023.


Are Jabari Banks and Lexi Underwood dating?

It is not certain if the actors are dating. Their relationship is rumored based on a couple of pictures they posted during Jabari’s 24th birthday.

What Is Jabari’s relationship status?

He might or might not be in a relationship in 2023. He is yet to confirm the rumors.

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