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Who Is Jared Leisek Wife? He Reportedly Raped His Relative: Truth?

Jared Leisek‘s efforts through Adventure With a Purpose are highly praiseworthy and play a crucial role in resolving cases of missing persons. His company is committed to assisting families and law enforcement in locating missing individuals by investigating and collecting evidence. This work is not only difficult but also hazardous, as Leisek and his team must explore unexplored areas and put themselves in danger.

However, after each risky adventure, Leisek returns to the comfort of his loving wife. A strong marriage and supportive love life are essential to a man’s well-being. Therefore, let us take a moment to learn more about Leisek’s romantic life and his life partner.

Who Is Jared Leisek’s Wife? His Married Life

Jared Leisek is happily married to Kristin Lynn, with whom he tied the knot in 1995. The now husband and wife exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony attended only by their close friends and family. It is said that they had been dating for a considerable period before they decided to get married.
Jared with his wife Kristin
Jared and his wife, Kristin
Moreover, they have been each other’s pillars of support and are blessed with two daughters, one of whom is named Kieraa, while the name of the other remains unknown.
It is noteworthy that Jared and Kristin have been sweethearts since high school. According to sources, Jared, who has a net worth of $1 million, had a unique and somewhat strange approach to finding his ideal partner.

How Did The Couple Start Dating?

As per reports, Jared and Kristin’s love story started with a humorous incident during their high school days. Jared, who was on the lookout for a date, printed out application forms with questions and details about what it takes to date him.

Jared and his wife in front of a waterfall; they married in 1995
Jared and his wife

Furthermore, he distributed these forms to 20 different girls in his school, including Kristin. Out of all the forms he received, Kristin’s form stood out the most. She had filled it out with almost perfect answers. She even left a perfect lipstick mark and sprayed her perfume on the application. This caught Jared’s attention and he was immediately smitten.

However, it took Jared over three months to convince Kristin to go on a date with him as she had initially filled out the form as a joke. But Jared persisted and eventually won her heart. They graduated from high school together in 1995 and walked down the aisle the same year.

Jared Leisek Past Relationships & Girlfriends

There isn’t much information available about Jared’s personal life and previous romantic relationships prior to his marriage to his now wife Kristin. However, an anonymous source has claimed that he has a daughter from a brief romantic encounter he had while he was still in high school.

Kristin's husband Jared is alleged of rape
Jared Leisek is seen wearing a wedding ring

Further, the identity of the girl is unknown, but it is reported that he has been kept away from his daughter. It’s unclear why he has been kept away from her, but this suggests that he might have had a complicated past with relationships and parenthood.

Jared Leisek Was Arrested For Rape

Jared has been accused of committing a crime in 1992 where he reportedly engaged in sexual activity with a minor. The minor in question was a relative of his in Utah. The charges against him include rape since the sexual activity was forced, and he was around 17 years old at the time.

As a result, Leisek was arrested by the authorities. He appeared in court for the first hearing on November 29, 2022. He entered a plea of not guilty, but the charges against him have not been dropped. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Jared has been seen continuing his rescue missions and posting videos on his YouTube channel. He has not let the case impact his work and his efforts to help solve missing people’s cases.

Jared wearing a cap in front of a web cam
Jared on Twitter

However, sources on Reddit have reported that Jared has recently become more private and low-key. His Instagram account is now set to private and his personal website is removed. It is unclear what the reason for this increased privacy is, but it may be related to the ongoing legal battle.


What is Jared Leisek’s wife’s name?

Jared’s life partner’s name is Kristin Lynn.

Does he have children?

He has two daughters.

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