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Who Is Martha Peaslee Levine Husband In 2023?

Martha Peaslee Levine’s former husband is Rachel Levine, the US Assistant Secretary for Health. Their marriage lasted for over two decades. During its course, the ex-couple jumped over many hurdles together – Rachel’s transition from a man to a woman being one of them. Unfortunately, they were not destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

So now, has Peaslee married again in 2023? Furthermore, what was her relationship like with her now female-turned-spouse? In this article, we will give you the answers to the said questions. Let’s get right into it!

Who is Martha Peaslee Levine husband?

Rachel Levine’s ex-wife is not married so there’s no question of having a husband. But previously, her husband was Rachel Levine, who was born a man but later transitioned into a woman.

Not only this but Peaslee might not be in a relationship as well, making her a single lady; or is she? 

Over and above this, she has always lived a laid-back lifestyle despite being in a marital relationship with a famous personality. In that bargain, she hardly ever makes a public appearance and has continued to live a life off the radar after the separation as well.

So, even if she was married, the public would not have an ounce of information regarding her marital life or hubby.

Who is Martha dating?

It looks like Rachel’s ex-wife, Martha is dating someone. This is apparent from her Facebook profile in which she has shared a picture with her reported new partner.

On Peaslee’s Facebook profile, you can see her posing with a new man in one of her posts. Now, who might that be – her husband or boyfriend? The question still remains. To this date, she has not come forward with the truth about her relationship with the man in the picture. Hence, it is very hard for us to pinpoint anything.

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Similar to her status of marriage, Martha’s relationship status in the present day and age is also in question. Due to her very private lifestyle, it seems next to impossible for us to unravel the secrets of her current dating life.

Martha Peaslee might have a boyfriend in 2023
ex-Mrs. Levine posing with her would-be partner whose identity is hidden. Source: Facebook

But we do hope that he’s the new man in her life. It’s been 10 long years since she got divorced from her ex-spouse. So, if you see it in this way, it is likely that the person in the photo is in fact, her new partner.

Nonetheless, it is up to Martha to let the people know the truth. Hopefully, she reveals the turning point of her dating life soon enough. 

Peaslee’s Ex-Husband is now a female

As we have mentioned time and again, the associate professor was once married to Rachel Levine. Both of them are women but it wasn’t like this before. Rachel was actually a man when she married her former spouse, Martha. In fact, she was named, Richard Levine before the transition. So, even if Peaslee had a husband in the very beginning, she, later on, had a wife.

The US Assistant Secretary for Health
Martha Peaslee Levine husband, Rachel Levine.

Rachel, on 26th March 2021, was appointed as the United States Assistant Secretary for Health. Ever since her appointment, she has done a remarkable job to uplift the health and living standards of Americans all over. On top of this, she also serves as an admiral for the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Moreover, before entering the world of politics, Levine was simply a pediatrician. In fact, she and her ex-partner, Martha Peaslee, both work in the field of medicine. Not only this, but the former lovers are also professors and associate professors, respectively.

While Levine teaches pediatrics and psychiatry at Penn State University, Peaslee teaches pediatrics, psychiatry, and humanities at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Her Ex-Partner Transitioned From A Male To A Female 12 Years Ago

The admiral transitioned from a man to a woman in 2011. Although the exact date of her transition is uncertain, we are sure that she became a woman physically 12 years ago. Interestingly, she was still married to her former partner at that time. Thus, for further 13 years, the ex-pair did not have a heteronormative relationship.

Furthermore, way before her transition, Levine knew that she “was a girl”. While speaking at a conference in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, she let all her feelings out about being a female. She said,

“All I knew is I wanted to be a girl, or I was a girl, or female.”

Sadly, for many years, this part of hers had to be kept away in a closet. Due to the stereotypical viewpoints of people regarding the LGBTQI+ community, Rachel faced difficulties coming out as herself. Moreover, she had to vigorously work in order to cope with the frustration.

Regardless, it all worked out for the best after she accepted herself. We’re so glad that it did because currently, she is the first-ever transgender official appointed by the US Congress. Over and above this, by working with the government, she can also vouch for other people like her and work for their betterment.

Martha And Rachel Have 2 Kids Together

During the course of their marriage, the former couple became parents to 2 kids. They has a son, David Levine, and a daughter, Dayna Levine.

Even when their parents were married, David and Dayna hardly ever made public appearances. Even so, their famous mother, Rachel, never usually talked about her family with the media.

Rachel Levine with her family before transitioning
Richard, before his transition, with his wife and 2 kids

Thus, information like when the kids were born and their whereabouts today is hard to find.

The Former Pair Were Married For 25 Years; What Led To The Separation?

Richard (Rachel) and his ex-wife tied the knot in 1988. For 25 long years, the duo had a well-settled marriage. This means they separated in 2013. 

As for why they divorced, perhaps, Martha was not okay with her partner transitioning into a female. The reason could be anything. Regardless of not knowing the exact reason, what we can confirm is that their divorce was finalized almost 10 years ago.


Were Rachel and Martha Levine a lesbian couple?

Yes, they were a lesbian couple for a short time after Levine’s transition. However, in the beginning, they were husband and wife.

Did the former couple have children before Rachel Levine transitioned from a male to a female?

Yes, the ex-couple has 2 children.

Has Levine’s ex-partner married again after the divorce?

No, Martha Peaslee has not married again after the divorce, however, she is reportedly dating someone.

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