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Who Is Michael Blaustein Girlfriend? Or Is He Already Married To A Wife?

American comedian and entertainer Michael Blaustein is quite popular these days both for his work and looks. He has gathered a notable amount of female audience with his charm and his fans are eager to know if Blaustein is available or is already taken by a girlfriend.

In the past, the entertainer once mentioned that his ex-gf was quite successful but his current love affair remains a bit secretive. So, what is the love life of the content creator like? In this article, you are about to find out all about his relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael is reportedly single and available to mingle.
  • Blaustein is originally from Washington D.C. but moved to New York to pursue his career in acting.
  • He isn’t married yet.

Who is Michael Blaustein’s Girlfriend?

As per the sources, Blaustein is currently single or at least has not revealed anything about having a gf. He has been in a relationship once before at minimum but at the moment, he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.

Blaustein stuns in new selfie.
Michael shares new selfie after going blonde;
Source, Instagram (@blaucomedy)

Michael is not one of those celebrities who are open about who they are dating as of now. He is secretive about it but women are attracted to men who are funny and his career is based on making people laugh.

Thus, with this information, we can fathom that the stand-up comedian has had multiple beautiful ladies going out with him in the past.

Michael Blaustein’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Successful

In one of the episodes of the SAP Podcast by Dave Neal, Michael mentioned that he was dating somebody. He claimed that they had been dating since September 2018 and his lover was also in the entertainment industry.

However, the exact occupation of his ex-gf is yet to be disclosed. But, he said of his then-bae in the podcast,

“She is in the industry. We have an advantage because she is successful”

Michael with Dave Neal
Comedian Blaustein talking about ex-gf on the podcast
Source: Youtube (Dave Neal)

So, it is safe to say, they had a healthy relationship at some point. Blaustein further said that they talked everything out anytime they had a problem or were going through something.

“It’s going phenomenal yeah.. I love her like we vibe super well, our communication is bananas”

He did not disclose who this lady was but the two looked pretty much into each other at the time. However, coming up to 2023, it seems that the couple is no longer together now as the comedian hasn’t addressed this topic since.

Blaustein King of Taking Girls Into The Bathroom

In the same podcast with Dave Neal, the entertainer also said that he was famous for his hookups during his college years. The Coastal Carolina University graduate said,

“In college, for some reason, I was like the king of getting women into the bathroom. So we go like get he*d or f*ck”


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He had a lot of hookups and fooling around in the past. He would go to clubs to get drunk and have fun, meet new women, etc. As expected, he has been great with women.

Has Michael Been Married Before?

The comedian has not been married before and nor is he wedded at present. The 34-year-old actor has had fair shares of women till now but he has not found the perfect wife whom he can tie knots and spend the rest of his life with.

Since Blaustein has not come forward with his relationships, it is safe to assume that we will not be hearing wedding bells from him any time soon.

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