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Who Is Paul Washer’s Wife Charo Washer? Her Testimony

Charo Washer is the wife of HeartCry Missionary Society Founder Paul Washer. Her husband is most known for being an Evangelist and contributing to Christianity.

Besides being the wife of a renowned protestant Christian, Charo is quite an accomplished woman herself. So, What does Paul’s wife Charo do? Where is she from? How did she meet her husband and become a Jesus follower?

This article will tell you all about Charo Washer.

Charo Washer Bio: Her age and Parents

Charo’s full name is Rosario Washer. She was born in the Capital city of Peru, Lima, but her birthday is still a mystery. Her father was Spanish and her mother was Peruvian. She had a pretty normal childhood in the Peruvian capital. Paul’s wife has three other sisters and she is the oldest among all.

Charo Washer standing with a shovel in the woods
Pic posted by Paul Washer on Twitter

Unlike her husband, Washer doesn’t indulge in being in the spotlight, so not many things about her siblings or parents are known as of yet. However, we do know that her parents live in Peru. As for her sisters, two of them reside in the USA while the other sister is in Italy.

She Attended Christian School

When Charo was 14, she went to a Christian School. She did not know a lot about Jesus truly so whenever people asked her about her beliefs, she would “nod along just like any kid.” No child wanted to go to hell so likewise she was devoted to Jesus and prayed.

She wanted to be a good kid and happened to follow the rules around there. According to her testimony, she said that it was easy to fit around with Christians. In her words,

“Mostly I just hung around with missionary kids, and my friends were Christians, and so it was easy to dress like a Christian, it was easy to look like a Christian, it was easy to go to church. That’s what all the kids did.”

After she turned sixteen, Charo said she felt like god was calling her to missions, to serve him. We see many kids don’t want to go the church while growing up and lose their faith in God. However, Washer was somehow able to stay connected to God and to her religion all these years.

Charo Served As Missionary and Met her Husband Paul

She used to work as a street kid preacher in Peru. She even served as a missionary following her school and it was the same time around she met her life partner Paul. It was the time when there was a civil war in Peru due to internal conflicts.

They preached and cared for street kids there during the war. Not only were they devoted to god but also to each other. The couple got really close during their time in Peru and ultimately they started dating. The lovebirds were attracted to each other from the initial days of their relationship. After dating for some time, the adorable duo decided to tie the knot.

Charo’s Father was Against Their Marriage

The preacher went to ask his lover’s father for her hand, but it didn’t go well. The reason for this is not clear, however, some sources have mentioned that Charo’s father wasn’t happy that Paul was a missionary.

Not only Paul, but Charo’s parents were not glad about their daughter’s choice of being an evangelist. They did not like the idea of being devoted to the religion.

Despite the initial disapproval, Paul believed that if his god really wanted him to marry his love, his lover’s father would eventually get over the barrier. And as it turned out, he was right as he did win over Charo’s dad and married her.

They Have Been Married for Three Decades with Four Kids

The pair tied the knot in 1993 surrounded by their loved ones. As of now, they have been together for over thirty years and the life partners have birthed four children over the years.

They have two sons and two daughters. They welcomed their first child, a son, Ian in 2001. Around three years later, the husband and wife became parents for the second time with the arrival of their second son Evan. In addition, they gave birth to two girls; Rowan in 2007 and Bronwyn in 2016.

Family pic of Baptist Paul and wife Charo Washer
Chao and Pastor Paul with their four children Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn

“I get to the office early and I work as hard and fast as I can, because I have a wife and children to go home to. And it’s my joy.” says Paul

A lot of evangelists tend to leave the church to prioritize their offspring and give them a different life but that was not the case for Washers. The spouses are raising their kids with the same values they believe in while also balancing their professional life.

Charo Said in Her Testimony That God Saved Her

Despite having served as a missionary and believer in god for more than 12 years, she felt somewhat empty inside. She did all the things she did out of the goodness of her heart and for the sake of serving. The mother of four didn’t think she was a Christian at some point because she thought ‘Bible didn’t do what it was supposed to.’

During her Testimony, she specified,

“When I told this to Paul—because I hadn’t told him, and… I hadn’t told him. I had been struggling with this for about 3 years”

At the time she was severely weak, and her hubby helped her through it. He assisted her to walk through John 1; a chapter of the Bible. She had come to the conclusion that she just needed to restore more confidence in god since she was his follower.

What are the Washers Doing Now?

The lovebirds are too busy raising their own and pursuing new faith in Jesus. As Paul operates as the Founder of HeartCry Missionary Society in Virginia, Charo volunteers as a Photographer there.

Over the years she has been to Spain, Paraguay, and Bolivia for her work but her home and family reside in The States. Likewise, she started living here ever since she married her hubby.

What is Charo Washer’s Net Worth?

With their devotion to god and all the work related to church and missionary, it is hard to conclude what her earnings are. However, we speculate that her net worth is approximately $700k in 2023.

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